The heat exchanger systems are not fully efficient

The objective of this project is to improve energy efficiency of heat exchanger systems in your power plant organisation. This can be achieved by using the laws of thermodynamics. Heat exchangers are found everywhere where machines are used, in refrigerators, in air-conditioners, in engines and so on. In this case our project is mainly based on the energy efficiency of a heat exchanger in a power plant station.

My team and I have done some groundwork research on the respective topic and came up with some facts showing how our project can benefit your organisation.Your actual cooling tower uses a heat exchanger which cools the boiling water from the steam turbine. It is very efficient considering that the water is being reused over and over again. However in terms of energy efficiency, your heat exchanger systems are not fully efficient as large amounts of heat energy are lost in the process. Our project makes use of the first law of thermodynamics (?U=Q-W) in which our new heat exchanger design will increase the workdone by the system and its internal energy change resulting in less heat being released from the system.In our project we will also be using the second law of thermodynamics in which the hot water from the steam turbine will be allowed to interact with the cold water resulting in a moderate temperature. Apart the heat exchanger system your power plant is using, we are proposing to you to opt for the counter-flow heat exchanger system design of our project.

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We took into consideration that maximum surface area between the hot and cold water which provide a more efficient heat transfer.As a whole, your organisation will entirely benefit from our project in terms of energy efficiency and simplicity as listed below: Makes use of basic principles of thermodynamics in which engineers will easily implement this project hence saving time. This project will reduce energy loss and therefore save cost in the long run. This project gives you the possibility to opt for a full system implementation or a pilot project depending on your proposed site you will be offering to us if the project is finalised.For my team and I, this will be a great advancement in our programme to further understand this topic of thermodynamics and being able to visit your power plant organisation will help us to enhance our communication skills and interact with stakeholders and may be discuss future collaboration.


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