The cases in South Sudan especially in Imotong

The objective of the study was to find out the causes of indiscipline cases in South Sudan especially in Imotong State-Torit. The common cases of misbehavior such as time management, absenteeism, noise making, lateness, stealing, fighting, peer group influence and many others which had a huge problem to parents, teachers and education stakeholders. In providing a safe and conducive environment where there is responsible social behavior is a key priority of the school and discipline is a necessity for the proper functioning of the school and discipline refers to facts to training given to provide a specific character or pattern of behavior especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.The study used mix method data analysis techniques and questionnaires used to collect data from the five selected secondary school with the number of (75) participants such as (55) students, (10) teachers, (5) head teachers and (5) parents. The finding is very essential because it will give the way forwards to the education policy makes, head teachers and parents how to handle students’ discipline.

Therefore, the data was descriptively collected and analyzed inform of graphs, and tables. As a results, the respondents revealed that majority of students behaviors were from parental and environmental factors such as time management, noise making, absenteeism, disobeying school rules and regulations and many others which were caused by the following factors such as peer group, lack of teacher s commitments, freedom of phone possession, lack of guidance and counseling, co-curricular, moral activities in the school.In conclusion, the study reported that in order to achieve school’s goals here are the recommendations such as establishment of parents-school units be formed, teachers training on capacity building on guidance and counseling, establishment of co-curricular, moral activities and finally school inspections and teachers supervision which will probably settle school daily activities. Key words: discipline, indiscipline, student, secondary school, guidance and counseling and absenteeism

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