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The nursing profession is changing at a rapid rate. It is creating many opportunities that can be grabbed by nursing practitioners. The primary roles of a nursing practitioner include providing acute, primary and specialty health services to people from different populations. Since nursing practitioners undergo training, they are authorized to perform other roles such as treating various conditions, carrying out diagnosis on patients and also providing evidence-based education to the patients (In Stewart & In DeNisco,2019). With the increase in demand for healthcare services, there are so many opportunities that nursing practitioners can delve into.One of the opportunities for nursing practitioners is working as administrators for various healthcare institutions such as clinics or hospitals.

Some of the nursing practitioners play different roles in the National Institute of health. When the national institute of health completes its clinical trials, they require nursing practitioners to oversee the projects and also take charge of the clinical protocols (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine., Robert Wood Johnson Foundation., & Institute of Medicine, 2011). Other opportunities include the clinical nursing specialists, emergency room nurses and community nurses. The clinical nursing specialists work as experts in a specific area of the nursing profession.

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The nursing practitioners that fall within this category may specialize in treating specific illnesses such as cancer or heart diseases or focus on acute care. On the other hand, as the name suggests, the emergency room nurses are trained to act quickly in different situations to prevent loss of lives. Nursing practitioners can choose to be trained to focus and specialize in offering prompt care to save lives. Community nurses focus on offering preventive care and ensuring wellness. These nursing practitioners often focus on particular age groups, such as seniors or veterans.

Gaining experience working with a specific group can help a nursing practitioner to establish his or her area of specialization (Miller,2011).


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