The was characterized by a number of smaller

The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Volume F (1900-1945) emerged from European and American roots in the first place. Also, it was characterized by a number of smaller movements where artists experimented with new possibilities.

As flourished Asian writers become interested in experimentation. They often incorporating new forms or styles with traditional themes. Modernism as movement has often sought a new form of expression.

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First of all, literary modernism has origins in the nineteenth century. It was the most influential literary movement in Europe, North America, and South America. Also, modernism is characterized by consciousness with ways of writing in both poetry and prose fiction. The First World War saw the predominating suppositions of society reevaluated and writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others who raised questions about the rationality. Modernism as a literary movement was against the reservation of the values of realism. It is often understood through the author’s work who were produced in a time of the nineteenth century such as T.S Eliot who allowed it to be the political and historical concept in his literary works.

The modernist movement is a mental movement that fractured aesthetic and social boundaries. It showed in the late 19th century and aimed to detect invisible systems and unconscious symbols or rules by explaining different phenomena using an attractive and coherent style in writing and all artistic and creative performances. Literary modernism indicated to pioneers, they were schizophrenic against restrictions and had a futuristic vision of not challenging social values.


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