Essay of his beautiful voice when he

Essay title: The Nightingale

The nightingale is the story about the bird who sings very beautiful. Of all the things in emperor’s palace, the nightingale is the best thing that they saw. You think that this all about a bird that sing. The truth is when I saw the title “the nightingale” yes; I never heard it before but due to my curiosity and the other thing is the author is Hans Christian Andersen so I read it. That time, I read before I never knew that I will need it.

My first impression in the story was great. It’s very great because the story is not natural because never in my life I knew some kind of bird that can sing. I know the “ibong adarna” the mythical bird but its different story.

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I guess it’s destined because for me I must share it. The first thing that runs in my mind is what is the connection of the story of the nightingale in science technology and society? Because the title itself “the nightingale” it shows no connection. But when I read the story, I found out that there’s a connection in development of science technology and society during that time.

Because of the making of mechanical or artificial nightingale. Because during that time, many people went in different countries so that they discover many things in different places, because of this they found the nightingale. They discover it because of his beautiful voice when he sings. All people who saw and heard nightingale, they tell it to their friends, family etc. they made comments about the bird and some made poets.

My point is because of people or society; it can help us to make a new technology. Because when the emperor of china heard about the nightingale, he wants to bring to him the bird and sing to him. When he heard the bird, he wants to stay in the palace. The emperor of Japan heard.

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