The New Labour Government has recently released

The New Labour Government has recently released their policy regarding skilled migrant’s visas. Research and evaluate the wider implication of this policy changes to both individuals and business.I am presenting the topic is the new labour government releasing policy regarding skilled migrants visas.

And how it is affect to individual and business in New Zealand. The Labour Government is one of the oldest governments in New Zealand .It was developed in 1996.Last year (2017), Labour government won election and they apply some changes regarding skilled migrants Visas.

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Nowadays, there is a significant increase in the population of New Zealand as the record number of immigrants comes to the country. This has happened without the government’s plan for the impact on the country. After nine years, the national fast has failed to make necessary investments in housing, infrastructure and public services necessary to deal with population growth. It has contributed to the housing crisis, has put pressure on hospitals and schools, and has been added to the crowd on the streets (Klrton, 2018).Labour is investing in housing, infrastructure, public services, and in training New Zealanders to fill skills shortages. Labour is doing this by making sure that work visas are not being abused to fill low-skill, low-paid jobs, while ensuring that businesses need skilled workers.Why is the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) changing?The Government is committed to ensuring immigration settings to the best support of the economy and the labour market.

These changes are designed to improve the skill structure of the SMC and to ensure higher pay and higher-skilled migration priority (New Zealand Immigration, 2018).How is the SMC (Skilled Migrants Category) changing?The SMC is changing to improve the skill structure of people receiving residence under the Skilled Migrant Category and ensure we attract migrants who bring the most economic benefits to New Zealand. And Date of 28 august 2017 changes comes for effect in skilled migrant’s category (New Zealand Immigration, 2018).

The changes affect many aspects including policy:Evaluation and points are awarded for ‘skilled employment’ and ‘work experience’.The points awarded for work experience, qualifications and age.What are the specific changes in each policy area?Skilled employmentThe key changes to skilled employment points are:Demonstrate the need for minimum remuneration, which is used to determine the use of ANZSCO to determine whether employment is skilled. Applicants employed in Occupations at ANZSCO skill level in 1 to 3, and those applicants need to pay more than $ 23.49 per hour or more for their employment, which is $ 48,859 per year depending on the 40-hour week.Applicants employed in occupations at ANZSCO skill level 4 and 5, and those applicants need to pay more than $35.24 per hour or more for their employment, which is $73,299 per year based on a 40 hour week.

Bonus points will be available to applicants, whose remuneration is $ 46.98 per hour or more, which is $ 97,718 per year based on the 40-hour week (New Zealand Immigration, 2018).Applicants employed need to 160 point for apply residential visa in SMC policy.

Here some list of point to how to collect for skilled employment.Skilled EmploymentCurrent skilled employment in New Zealand for 12 months or more 60Offer of skilled or current skilled employment in New Zealand for less than 12 months 50 In an identified future growth area 10 In an area of absolute skills shortage 10 In a region outside Auckland 30Skilled Work Experience2 years 10 4 years 15 6 years 20 8 years 25 10 years 30Recognised Qualifications Points level 4-6 qualification (e.g. trade qualification, diploma) 40level 7 or 8 qualification (e.g. bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree with Honours) 50 level 9 or 10 post-graduate qualification (Master’s degree, Doctorate) 60Effects on Individual and Business:Low Budget Company cannot afford to pay high salary to their employers.After finish employers work visa company loses their experience employees due to lack of salary package.

Owner’s should pay more for Advertising .After that owner’s spend more time to train new staff (Owner have to required record of employments)Limited Staff prefer because of low incomePrefer Kiwi staff in businessConclusion: At Last, I would like to come on conclude that The New Labour Government should release some reduce point system and less payment package for skill migrant’s visas. So it is helpful to employers and low budgets company in New Zealand.References:Klrton, A. (2018). Labour Retrieved from https://www. Zealand Immigration. (2018).

Skill Migrants details announced. Retrieved from


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