The framework for attaining and maintaining compliance, measuring

The Nestlé Quality Policy, which applies across the complete Nestlé Group and which is complemented by unit-specific Quality Policies, is achieved through the implementation of the Nestlé Quality Management System (NQMS).

All functions across the value chain are responsible for achieving Quality objectives and continuously improving Quality performance. The Quality Function acts as the guardian and the challenger of the NQMS. Management by process is an essential principle of NQMS. It provides the framework for attaining and maintaining compliance, measuring performance and continuing to achieve consumer and customer delight. We ensure full alignment of NQMS to ISO Quality standards. NQMS is implemented across our organization and verified by independent third party certification bodies. We expect that our external business partners (vendors, contract manufacturers, licensees, joint ventures, and customers) demonstrate their alignment with our requirements to achieve food safety and compliance.

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We foster a quality culture by developing quality awareness through the organization and encouraging a management attitude that anticipates potential Quality issues. We empower all Nestlé personnel with the necessary competences and tools in order to consistently fulfil policies, principles and standards. We continuously improve by challenging ourselves. We involve all employees across the whole Value Chain to achieve and maintain consumer trust.

The Nestlé Quality Management System We enhance the effectiveness of NQMS through the use of the management tools and methods provided by Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) and GLOBE data management solutions. The NQMS is composed of three main elements:The Quality Standards capture the knowledge and expertise of Nestlé professionals to ensure a consistent application of what we know. Quality standards incorporating centrally established generic and product-specific requirements are managed through locally defined operating quality manuals. Country specific standards, based upon local regulatory requirements, are incorporated at the local level. A Continual Improvement Management Cycle to ensure an effective and efficient management of Quality processes, to measure performance, and drive the enhancement of our Quality culture. A Process-Based Management System encompassing the whole value chain in which all functions are responsible to define and manage the processes they own which can impact on product safety, compliance and consumer delight.

Support Functions provide assistance, expertise and tools in order to meet the NQMS requirements and to achieve the quality objectives. The Value Chain and Support Functions as well as the main Policies and Standards impacting Quality are illustrated in the graphical representation which follows.


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