The Neolithic Revolution marked a major transition in human history. This period was a full transition of learning when the seasons would take place, hunting and gathering, and learning different relationships with the heavens and earth. The Neolithic Revolution took place about eight thousand years ago in the Middle Eastern and Asia. The Neolithic Revolution was one of the greatest achievements that the human race has ever gone through. There were so many advancements made as tools, agriculture and domestication of many animals during this time.

The impact that the Neolithic Revolution had was not really an immediate rapid population growth. It is currently known as the beginning of civilization progress. Gathering food, learning about the different season and many different other things brought everyone together as a society.

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Working together involved social skills which is built from different settlements in the area. Due to different changes the human race would have not have been advanced any further during the hunting and gathering stages. Each and every day they were learning something new involving agriculture.


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