The Negative Effects of Beauty Standards essay

In modern society the media exerts so much pressure, that maintaining beauty and youth becomes more important than anything else. Thus, creating a type of self-involvement. This leads to loss of perspective and ultimately, innocence. People of all ages and genders are susceptible to the effects of the media, and it influences everyone in different ways. It can make people sacrifice things that should be held dear, it can affects peoples physical and mental health, and it can change the face of materialism. In regards to innocence, children in particular are the ones that are swiftly losing theirs.

The age that children are starting to be exposed to social media is quickly becoming younger each year. The loss of innocence in children is perpetuated through their self-involvement, and is a direct result of media exposure. Given the dimensions that children are not mature enough to handle the content, this will ensure negative reactions to the aforementioned social pressures. Consequently, the children of today were born in a time where they are exposed to technology and social media almost instantly. They don’t know life without it.With images of the quintessential beauty, what everyone should aspire to be, what is the wrong way to look, what is the wrong way to act, and remedy for anything that is perceived to be flawed about oneself, unreachable standards are being permanently etched into children’s yielding minds. These ideals are being thrown at them from every angle, whether it is watching a television, advertisements in magazines, listening to the radio, or seeing commercials. These thoughts, ideas, and standards will follow them into their adult life.

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Children are beginning to appear older, and wanting to be more mature.Things that were considered normal at a young age for a majority of the population are now deemed inadequate. Most people at a nouns age had better things to do than worry about the shape of their eyebrows, or taking a good picture of themselves. These issues are being exacerbated by the presence of social media. Not only are they cognizant of a variety Of media, but they are also able to interact within it. Sites such as Faceable, Instating and Twitter create a sort of virtual connection that was not obtainable for the general public until around the year 2000.Faceable is merely ten years old, Twitter is eight years old, and Instating is scarcely four years old. Social media sites have barely been around for a decade yet have come a salient facet in people’s lives.

What becomes important to people, and a way of affirming self worth is dependable on how many people follow you or like your posts. This is generally a concerning point, but is especially concerning in regards to children. What this is doing to their innocent and malleable psyche, is teaching them that selectors is measured by what other people think of them.This can have a detrimental effect on the development of children. An example of this is pageant girl, Brittany Campbell, who at eight years old demanded her mother get her Booth to, “get rid of her wrinkles” Thompson). Her mother Kathy agreed with her daughter, and said that for her to amount to anything in life, she has to continue to look young and beautiful. She said she buys the Booth over the Internet and spends El 50 for a ml vial. As well as the anti-wrinkle treatment, she has also been waxing her daughters legs to prevent hair growth.

The mother did not suggest It, or even think of it until her eight-year-old daughter proposed the idea. At eight years old, she already thinks that she is not good enough. This is just One disgusting example of many that clearly show the malign effect the media has on h lilied. The media is not only affecting the children of today, but it is also creating a type of selfishness in young people, as well as adults.

Furthermore, this selfishness is inadvertently forcing people to make sacrifices, ones that they should not have to make.Young people have an incessant stream of what they should be and look like etched into their minds. These things become so important to them that they are willing to get plastic surgery to change themselves. Dry. Diana Ackerman has said, “In 2003, more than 223 000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients 18 years of age or younger” Ackerman). They undertake cosmetic surgeries such as Rhinestones, Booth injections, breast augmentation and liposuction.

What they do not know, is that doing these procedures can have serious risks. A concern about plastic surgery on adolescents is that their bodies are still maturing.In addition to development that may occur in the late teens, growth charts indicate that the average teenager, particularly girls, gain weight between the ages of 18 and 21 (ASPS Public Relations 14). With this fact in mind, that is likely to change their desire or need for some of the antecedent cosmetic procedures. With 15% of the population in North American between the ages 13-19 undergoing such procedures, plastic surgery is a fairly drastic measure taken. Given the fact that people under the age of 1 8 require consent, the percentage could be much higher.The majority of young people do much less extreme things to change their appearance, such as hair extensions, acrylic nails, tanning beds, excessive amounts of makeup, and dieting.

These things are not as serious as surgery, but are still deleterious to an assortment of issues, mental and psychological problems, permanent and detrimental problems to internal organs, along with many other predicaments. Adolescents want to be more mature. What they do not realize is that they only have a short amount of time before they are considered adults, and have to become a functioning member of society.They are spending their time worrying about fitting into the societal standards, and sacrificing their youth, instead of focusing on things like education and developing real life skills.

They are concentrating on matters that are more trivial. Another instance of sacrifice can be found In adult women. With the daunting thought of becoming old along with the new unreachable standards of beauty, women will do anything to stay young; even if this means putting themselves before their families, jobs and dignity. In some instances, they will give up an opportunity for their children such as playing a sport, and use that money towards themselves.They lose any sense of consideration for anyone else, and appearing young takes precedence. When discussing the effects of media, most people believe it to be pertinent to women and young girls, not understanding or realizing the affect it also has on boys and men. Men are just as affected and sometimes even more effected than women are, they are just more introverted with the expression of their feelings.

They are expected to be either tall and muscular, or tall and model-like. Male models have had more cases of anorexia causing serious debilitating issues when compared to female models.While females tend to show higher rates of reported nonfatal suicidal behavior, males have a much higher rate of completed suicide.

A 2008 study of suicide attempts by gender found that females have a higher rate of attempted suicide than males earlier in life, which decreases with age. For males, the rate of attempted suicide mains fairly constant when controlled for age (Growth 1). The recent standard set for men is impossible to achieve without steroids and an intense workout regime.

This has major increased the use of steroids and illegal performance enhancing drugs.Taking these drugs runs many risks, but meeting these standards of a “real man” overshadows the possible dangers. Some affects of steroids are; prominent breasts, baldness, shrunken testicles, infertility, impotence, increased risk of tendonitis and tendon rupture, liver abnormalities and tumors, increased low-density liberation (OLD) holster, decreased high-density liberation (HAD) cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart and circulatory problems. In addition, it can create mental problems such as aggressive behavior, depression, psychiatric disorders and drug dependence.Despite knowing all these facts and having the information easily accessible about the dangers of taking performance enhancing drugs, they continue to do it because they determined to maintain an implausible physical standard set by the media. Another way media is affecting society, is by completely reshaping consumerism and making everyone exceedingly materialistic.

Material items are becoming more consequential to people than actual other people. Nothing is good enough; there is always something better. Everything is designed to be broken easily, because there’s always a better product to be bought.There is a kind of constant strive for perfection that is perpetuated through these products claiming that they can remedy any ailment, want or need to make their target audience a better person.

An unremitting stream of advertisements and commercials are being thrown in the faces of people, daily. The average person in exposed to around 5 000 advertisements a day Johnson 1). Companies have a sneaky way of Advertising where they get people to buy products on an emotion, and then convince the person to justify their purchase with logic.Due to social media, there is now another platform for materialism to grow on. People are continually being shown what they are lacking through other peoples social media posts. They are subjected to view someone who has something better than them on basically every site.

On Twitter for example, there are accounts called “Rich Kids of Instating” and “The Wealthy Tweets”. All these accounts post are the vast election of expensive things they own, as well as the experiences they get to do because they are wealthy.Things that used to be of great significance to people such as personality, characteristics, traits and the Way people treat others are being swept to the side in favor of material items.

In conclusion, the immense pressure exerted by the media is changing society, and not for the better. Children are losing their innocence and being taught values that don’t support self worth. Young people are not proportioning things correctly, and more frivolous things are taking precedence. As well, adults are sacrificing anything to conform to the standard of beauty set by the media, even if it is their health they are relinquishing.

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