The to capture data from various organization functions

The nature of a management information systems is to capture data from various organization functions (accounting, finance, purchasing, crm, inventory, warehouse,…) and process it to useful information.The information accessibility would help workers to better understand the organization state.The information can be used not only to help management (in all levels) with decision making , but also to help the workers with their daily decision.The nature of a management information systems should be one that is developed for and by management in a way.

It should be made to help them and the organization as a whole to meet their goals. It is very much a top-down system, that is aligned to their strategic objectives.For instance, if an organization is governed by the Balanced Scorecard, the main focuses would be customer, financial, internal business processes and learning and growth. Therefore they would need systems that would be able to monitor all these different aspects.For customers, they could look at Business Intelligence systems and Customer Relations Management systems, for example.For financial, they could look at , Point of Sale and Accounting systems.For internal business processes, they could look Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Project Management systems.For learning and growth, they could look at Learning Management Systems and Human Resource Management Systems.

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