The movie “Exam” that was released back in

The movie “Exam” that was released back in 2009, is a psychological thriller film that was written by Stuart Hazeldine and directed by Hazeldine. Although not very famous actors were a part of this movie but still got an above average rating on IMDB. The movie revolved around eight talented candidates who had reached the final stage of the selection process for a mysterious and high-powered pharmaceutical co-orporation. The exam is conducted in a windowless room and the invigilator gives strict instructions which, if not followed will result in immediate disqualification. The three instructions given were: don’t attempt to communicate with the invigilator or guard, don’t spoil your exam paper and don’t attempt to leave the room.

The candidates were given 80 minutes to answer the given question. It was intriguing to see that each candidate had received a blank paper (with only their candidate number on it) and the task was not only to answer the question but also to find the question to be answered. Soon the candidates gave each other names such as Blonde and Black and started working as a team to find the question but it was interesting that this teamwork led to different revelations.

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As time passed by tension was seen to rise.I think that this was an interesting movie to watch not only because of its twisted plot but also because of how the director was able to maintain the viewer’s attention despite the movie being shot in a single room. However, there were instances in the initial stage of the movie which seemed too exaggerated such as the scene where white was giving each other names and was making fun of others.

Also since there wasn’t much color in the movie it gave me a headache by the end of the movie.Out of the eight candidates I identify with Blonde the most as while most candidates behavior was at extreme, Blonde was seem to be calm and she was also against causing any harm to the other candidates. Her thinking was not influenced by the power by the power of the situation and although she had good acting skills, she wasn’t prominent in the initial half of the movie.

I believe that the director’s intention was to make people realize that we often get so carried away by the power of the situation that we overlook things that in turn complicate the matter. I think that this movie tried to convey that we should not be emotional in solving the problem because it will be of no use rather we should have a calm mind and try to connect the cues in order to solve the problem.Overall I believe that it was a captivating film which if had more color and had more twists rather than the exaggerated story in the beginning, it would have been an outstanding movie.

I would still give it a thumbs up because I was engaged till the end of the movie.


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