The movie begins with the 9-year-old Andres Bonifacio witnessing the execution of GomBurZa on February 17, 1872. Years later, the Spaniards discover La Liga Filipina three days after its establishment.

Jose Rizal is captured and Bonifacio tries to help him escape, but Rizal refuses to go. A year after Rizal’s imprisonment, KKK is established, but they had a hard time in gathering enough people to start a rebellion. One day, Oryang (Gregoria De Jesus) and Bonifacio witness a shooting of a native in front of the church.

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Oryang rages and Bonifacio explains to her that a rebellion will be happening. After the marriage of Bonifacio and Oryang, she joins the Katipunan. Emilio Aguinaldo also joins the Katipunan and called “Magdalo”. A certain person tells the Gobernador-cillo about the Katipunan and lots of innocent people are killed while they are searching for evidence.

This triggers Bonifacio and encourages the people to rip off their cedulas in Pugad Lawin. During the Tejeros Convention, Aguinaldo’s party tries to replace Bonifacio as the president of the Katipunan and insults him. This results in Bonifacio’s rage, voiding the election. Aguinaldo’s party sees him as a threat and Aguinaldo orders the arrest of Bonifacio on various charges of treason. Eventually, the Bonifacio brothers are executed in Maragondon, Cavite.


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