The mother wou ld essay

If had to come up with an ad that represents the “Seven ages of man,” would use an ad in a home magazine to sell my product, a household cleaner. The ad would depict the ages from Shakespeare’s scene, but in a more modern light. For instance, the first stage is the infant, in my ad the infant would be depicted puking on the ground. The mother wou ld then have to clean it up using the household cleaner. In the next picture, my ad would depi ct the second age of man, who is the whining school boy. The modern version would be a boy at school dra wing all over his desk with markers.

His teacher would walk over and hand him the cleaner bottle and a rag to wipe up his desk. As the boy is wiping up his desk, he can be seen obv iously annoyed that he has to do so. Next, in the third picture would be the modern lover, he would be shown trying to paint a portrait of the girl he loves, but in doing so accidentally spills paint all over the floor then, having to use my cleaner to wipe it up. After that, would come the f ourth age of man who is the modern soldier he would be portrayed as being super macho and t ough, but when his superior comes to check to see if his room is tidy he becomes scared since is room is messy.His friend would then hand him a bottle of my cleaner and he would r elax.

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In the fifth depiction, the modern version of justice would be seen just tidying up his hou se as a sign he is responsible and values a clean house. Second to last would be modern versio n of the sixth age, he would be depicted cleaning up his grandchildren’s messes using the cleane r.

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