The cold blooded mafia contract killer.”Contract killers

The Most Famous and Well Respected Way of Making MoneyIt’s amazing how the life of a contract killer runs, and how one person can do so much to affect the lives of others and have no remorse. For more the forty years, Richard “the Iceman” Kuklinski led a double life beyond anything ever seen on the Sopranos, becoming one of the most notorious and well respected professional assassins in Americas history while hosting a neighborhood barbeque in suburban New Jersey.In today’s society you can’t trust anyone.Someone you think you know well could very well be a secretive contract killer.Contract killers live an abnormal lifestyle.

Most in which can go and take the life of another only head back home and have a great dinner with his family.In Philip Carlos’s book “The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer (Published in July of 2006, 402 pages) we examine the life of Richard Kuklinski a cold blooded mafia contract killer.”Contract killers live this lifestyle for many years.

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Most of them don’t do the job for only a week.Kuklinski worked hand in hand with the Mafia for more then 40 years of his life.He was the most well respected killer that was involved in the Mafia at the time.He did such jobs that no one would take up.

The only reason why he kept living this life he said was because he could never have enough money.A variety of things can lead someone to become a contract killer.For example, Richard was brought up this way.As a young child Richard got beat every day, saw his mother and siblings beat, and even seen his own father kill his brother.Day after day of this finally set in his mind and he built up so much anger and rage inside him he lets it all out by killing.

Some people just do the job for the money.Though those people most of the time don’t last to long.For some, they get the adrenaline rush it causes and it’s a way for them to release stress.For Richard it just came by nature.Some people turn to this because of being bullied in their young ages.Kuklinski killed his first victim when he was just fourteen years old.He got the rush from this and was never bullied or treated badly ever again.Contract killers tend not to show emotion on the outside of them.But inside it tears them apart in some cases and this makes them become a crazed, short tempered man.The Iceman never showed his emotions, but when they got to him he had a very short temper.He would come home and the slightest things wouldn’t be right and he would abuse his wife.Though he would never hit his children or kill a women or child.Contract killers act in weird ways in some cases.One moment they are the world’s best person then something happens and they are killing random people.In the book Carlo explains some of the ways Richard took his anger out.In some cases he had a hunting ground.The place where he would go and “practice” killing bums so he could become a better killer.Kuklinski was so torn up inside that when some lady in front of him while driving pissed him off he got out of his car at a red light and punched a whole threw her windshield.Another incident that Richard had been involved in, was the killing of four guys due to the simple fact of them cutting him off.Contract killers are very dangerous and gruesome in there way of killing.There are many different methods in which they kill.The most common way is a gun.But it can get as gruesome as feeding the victim to live rats.Or they can use cyanide, which with the right amount was untraceable and they cause of death was by natural causes.Richard loved to use something that had to do with close range.He liked the feeling it gave him as he describes it.Cyanide was one of his specialties though.He was so intrigued that you can kill someone and they die in an instant without any blood or having to get rid of the body.He also was a fan of feeding people to rats in a cave down in Pennsylvania.If the contract involved someone to suffer he would tie them up and video tape them getting eaten by these creatures.When it came to torturing people, Kuklinski was the man to do it.Not many people can do the things he has done in his time of being.Not just any average person can be a contract killer.This career involves a high amount of intelligence.The killer has to be able to set the plot and the dismembering of the body,.

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