The jungle, he could create his own

The Mosquito Coast In the movie The Mosquito Coast Harrison Ford plays a character that is fascinated with inventions.

Ford and his family live in rural farming area, where Ford is employed by a neighbor farmer.Ford is hired to provide some kind of coolant for the farmer’s barn, but invents his own little machine.The farmer doesn’t appreciate Ford’s efforts.This pisses Ford off and he sweeps his family away to a Central American jungle.

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Upon arriving to the jungle, Ford, his family, and some workers start work on a house and various buildings that are made from ruins and wood found amongst the trees.No necessities were at hand, so all food and water was to be found, grown, or pumped in order to eat and drink.This is what Ford wanted to teach his kids, survival.He didn’t agree with America’s standards and the way the country was run.

Out in the jungle, he could create his own world and be the ruler.From the looks of the people, this jungle is very hot.There are beautiful trees everywhere, a river, and mucky water holes.After building the necessary structures to survive, he begins work on his ice machine invention.

The local people didn’t understand this machine, having lived in this dreadfully hot climate all of their lives, and they believed it to be a miracle.Many of the locals lived on or near the river, but didn’t know what it meant to have cold water. When delivering ice to a nearby village of people, Ford’s son spots another white man.He thinks they are prisoners and tries to help them.When the “prisoners” follow Ford’s trail, they end up in the family’s jungle home.The “prisoners” end up being men with guns who try to take over the household.Ford tells them that the house has ants and.

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