The wear out effect. So these things reduce

concept of Guerilla marketing is that of using different interactive and
innovative advertising which aims at creating large eye-balling effects at
relatively reasonable budget by means of surprise effect or diffusion effect. Since
the last few years, Guerilla marketing has been increasing exponentially as the
classical or traditional marketing is on a decline. It is basically because of
two reasons: – Firstly, an average person is exposed to 3000 advertisements in
a day and it is totally at viewer’s discretion whether to consume or watch
those advertisements or not. Secondly consumers get exposed to generally same
kind of advertisements and they get familiar with these measures which create
wear out effect. So these things reduce the power of classical marketing, so
what a planner does that they invest more money and time to promote their products
more aggressively which in turns become more counter-productive and greater
wear outs that’s why Guerilla marketing is becoming so important as it makes an
impact on the minds of the customer at a lower cost.


Drivers of Guerialla Effect and
Corresponding Instruments

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this we can look at the different instruments of advertising trying to evoke
effects. Although all the instruments contains the capacity to generate these
effects, but each instruments primary focus on one particular effect like to
maximise surprise effect , stimulate diffusion effect or one emphasizes in
cutting down the advertising costs.


Surprise Effect

principle of surprise effect is to grab attention of the customers and surprise
them with the use of unusual activities. It depends upon the perception and
expectations of the customer.                                              


example, In this picture when the car approaches the tunnel, the driver get
surprised and mesmerised to see such an advertisement at such an unusual place
and it will remain into his/her mind for a long time and will refer this ad to
other friends and relatives. This is the power of Guerilla marketing.

instruments which are used to surprise the customers are ambient marketing and
sensation marketing; they try to surprise the customers by placing the
advertisement where they don’t even expect.

Diffusion Effect

traditional marketing, the number of viewers determine the price incurred for a
campaign (Cost per thousand for a print ad or a television advertisement), but
guerilla marketing gives us ways to increase the number of viewers or followers
exposed to our campaign with increase in the cost of the campaign.

instruments which are used to create a diffusion effect in the mind of the
viewers are viral marketing, buzz marketing and guerilla PR. Viral marketing
gives us ways to spread or communicate the message to the target group like a
virus. Video clips diffused on the internet are the most effective way for
viral marketing and it is frequently used.

is a print advertisement on inequality by UN Women which came out in October
2013 and it totally disrupted the social media, the message is crystal clear
over here, that how a woman is treated in our society and what is the thinking
of our male-dominating society. It became a viral success which gave UN Women
various accolades on advertising.

Low Cost Effect

are two characteristics of guerilla campaign which create a low cost effect,
first is the diffusion effect which entices the customers to spread the message
to other, Secondly marketers frequently design guerilla campaign in such a
manner that little monetary resource is utilised. They use a free riding
approach by placing advertisements at big events without paying much for it
which will cut costs and increase the number of recipients.

marketing is the instrument used to create a low cost effect which is built on
free riding approach. If the investment is too high, the diffusion effect will
spread the message so much that cost per person will be relatively less.

marketing is the modern approach which every company should bank on to intrigue


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