Essay throws a pot ofboiling water at

Essay title: The Moon

that a small town has been taken over by one of the manyNazi groups during World War Two.

Mr. Corell “ The towngood guy”, the way I view it, sent the town postmen andpolicemen on a boating trip, keeping them from the invasion(we learn later that “The town good guy” is really aback-stabber later in the book). After the invasion, theNazis request a meeting with the town’s Mayor, MayorOrden. Joseph and Doctor Winter, two of Mayor Orden’scolleagues, await the arrival of Nazis too. The two meetCaptain Bentick, a rank lower than Colonel Lanser who isthe one who had requested the meeting. Bentick searchesthe home. During the meeting Annie, Mayor Orden’s cook,becomes very aggravated by the soldiers who wait outsidethe front porch of the Mayor’s home, and throws a pot ofboiling water at them. Chapter Two: In this chapter,Steinbeck explains the characteristics of each of the Nazis.

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Major Hunter, an engineer, “arithmatician”, and seeminglyindifferent to the fact that he is a soldier. Captain Bentick, afamily man, was old and kind. Bentick also has certainadmiration to the English.

Captain Loft, a young man, tookmuch pride in the fact that he was a soldier. He dreams ofhis own death on the battlefield, where he is respected.“Lieutenants Prackle and Tonder were snot noses,undergraduates, lieutenants, trained in the politics of the day”(Quoted out of the book; there seemed to be no senseputting it in my own words since it was right there, andcouldn’t have been worded any better). Colonel Lansertakes much pride in what he does. To me, he sees life as anorder given by a higher rank that must be taken out. It is alsoin this chapter that Captain Bentick dies by one AlexanderMorden, a town dweller. Chapter Three: The chapter beginswith a discussion between Annie and Joseph, who aretalking about Alexander Morden and the death of CaptainBentick.

Joseph reveals to Annie what he surely thinks willhappen… “They’ll shoot him”. Annie is rejecting the awfulthought. Unfortunately it is true and Alex will be tried. MollyMorden, Alex’s wife, met with the Mayor because of arumor that had been circulating in the town.

“You wouldn’tconvict Alex would you?”, the replies, “No”. To theMayor’s anger he found that he did have to sentence Alex todeath; luckily he managed to shirk the awful duty. ChapterFour: This Chapter is very brief, it simply goes into Alex’strial, where he IS convicted, and shot in a public area.

Because of Alex’s death, the Mayor requests Annie to keepMolly company in her time of Mourning. Chapter Five: Thissnow begins to stick, and the Nazis begin a friendlydiscussion that turns into a bitter argument of being home forChristmas and when the war will end. Chapter Six: Thechapter begins with a description of the town. The streetsare quiet, lights are turned out, and fear is about. Anniearrives to the home of Molly to keep her company and tocatch her up on current events..

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