The isoverwhelmingly depressing because Othello and Desdemonaboth suffered

The Mood of Othello Othello is a play that evokes manyemotions from a reader’s mind. The mood is changing, yetthroughout, it demands a lot of contempt for the villain, Iago.Beginning with act one, there is an immediate setting forsuspicion which will remain characteristic throughout thewhole story. There is a touch of happiness for thenewlyweds, Othello and Desdemona, which quicklydisintegrates with the mighty villains lies and deceit. There isa feeling of empathy for Othello when his extreme, yet falselyfounded jealousy causes him to lose his mind, and hisbeloved wife.

The mood is sad and frustrating when poorinnocent Desdemona is being punished for a crime she didn’tcommit. And at the end there is a slight feeling of satisfactionthat Iago’s plan was revealed, yet the mood isoverwhelmingly depressing because Othello and Desdemonaboth suffered severely and died. Iago introduces suspicion inthe very first scene.

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He is discussing how he hates Othello,yet he must feign loyalty for his position. This is already aclue to the reader that Iago cannot be trusted. This feeling ofmistrust is vital in the mood of the play because it is mostironic that Othello trusts Iago as much as to murder his ownwife.

This ironic plot creates a frustrating feeling for thereader which is felt throughout the play. The mood is tensewhen we find out that Brabantio is angry that Othello hastaken his daughter. He is determined that Othello must havetricked Desdemona into loving him. Othello defends his lovefor her, and she in turn vows her love for him. This situationof a forbidden relationship is romantic, it makes the readerfeel a great deal of respect and happiness for their mutuallove.

When Iago begins poisoning Othello’s mind with falsesuspicion of Desdemona’s fidelity, the mood is extremelyfrustrating. The reader is aware of Iago’s lies, yet Othello isbeing easily led to believe them. This also evokes angertowards Iago, he is evil in his constant lying, yet he isreferred to by Othello as kind and honest. This irony ispainful to the reader because it is so blatant. Othello’sextreme jealousy causes the reader a combination ofemotions. Jealousy is a very painful emotion, and the readersympathizes with Othello. Yet, since the reader is aware ofthe falseness in the roots of the jealousy, they feel a littledisgusted by how easily Othello is being tricked.

He isintroduced as such a rational and strong man, yet the evilIago is so easily deceiving him. The mood is tragic when wesee that Iago’s plan has worked and the poor Desdemona ishis unknowing victim. She is lovingly faithful to Othello, andis confused and hurt by his false accusations. This makes thereader begin to dislike Othello for his irrational, cruelpersecution of his loving wife. Still, we know the blamebelongs to Iago, and our hostile feelings towards him arestronger than ever. As well as Desdemona, Cassio andRoderigo are also unexpecting victims to Iago’s schemes.

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