Wipoo the colonel doesn’t let them get married.

Wipoo Muanprasee No.78 ID.1560512111 Sec.2372Reflection of Your Personal Response         “The Model Millionaire” is a story that is about one man names Hughie Erskine. He is the most handsome man in London. He is a good man and has a lot of friend.

However, he is poor because his father is just the officer in the military. After death of his father, there are only sword and some book left for Hughie. He try to do every job that he can such as tea seller and vine seller. Unfortunately, He fail in everything. One day, he fall in love with Laura, the daughter of former colonel. Laura loves Hughie too but the colonel doesn’t let them get married. He ask the money from Hughie for ten thousand pounds and he will allow them to get marry.

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Hughie is very worry about that because he so poor. He has friend, Alan Trevor, the famous artist. Hughie comes to meet him. He saw Alan drawing the picture of the beggar. After the little chat about life problem with Hughie, Alan go out. Hughie feel very sorry with the beggar that he got only one chilling per hour from being model.

He try to find some money in his pocket and give to him even he has only 1 pound. The beggar feels very grateful and thanks to Hughie. Alan comes back and tells Hughie that In fact, The baron von Hausberg, the richest man in Europe, He disguise as beggar. Hausberg knows all about problem of Hughie and he wants to help him. Hughie feels very embarrass and go back to his home. Next day morning, Hughie got the envelop which insert with ten thousand pounds cheque.

He feels very thank to Hausberg. At last, he marry with his lover Laura and live with happiness.

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