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The Missionaries was the reason the Igbo Fell Apart in Things Fall ApartIn Things Fall Apart we have two missionaries trying to convert the Igbo tribe to Christianity. However the aggressive and strict methods of Mr. Smith goes completely against the serene and peaceful methods of Mr. Brown. These different viewpoints is the main reasons for the Igbo tribe falling apart.

The role of religion in the Igbo tribe was very important. Their whole life relied on their religion it was the foundation of their society; everything they did relied on their religious views. After trying numerous ways to improve their influence in the tribe Mr.

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Brown realized “that a frontal attack on the tribe would not succeed” (Achebe 181). So he spread Christianity in a calm and passive way. “And so Mr.

Brown came to be respected by the clan, because he trod softly on faith” (Achebe 178). He was accepted by the tribe and because of that he was able to build a hospital and church for the tribe. If they had gone to the school they would learn how to read and write and get gifts of singlets and towels.

He had attracted many people to come to the school and had converted them passively. Unlike Mr. Brown, Mr. Smith condemned openly Mr.

Brown’s policy of compromise and accommodations. He saw things as black and white. (Achebe 184)He assumed that brown was only interested in nothing but numbers (Achebe 184) .He was also very distressed at the fact of the ignorance which many of his flock showed even in such things as the trinity and the sacraments. Rather than getting more converts he suspends one to them for still using their old beliefs.

He also couldn’t make any favorable relationships with people in the clan like Mr. Brown.


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