The opens up with adescription of the countryside

The Mill on the Floss is a book writtenby George Eliot, whose real name is Mary Anne (laterMarian) Evans. There is a great deal of autobiography in thisbook. The facts of Mary Anne's life do not match MaggieTulliver, but there is an obvious reflection of her own life.Book One: Chapter1-13 The novel opens up with adescription of the countryside around the town of St.

Ogg'sand the river Floss. In the second chapter Maggie, Mr.Tulliver, Mrs. Tulliver, and Mr. Riley are introduced. Mr.Tulliver states his intention to send Tom to a different school.

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In the third chapter Mr. Riley gives his advice about a schoolfor Tom. In the forth chapter Mr. Tulliver goes after Tom,while Mr. Tulliver is gone you learn about that Maggie'smother is concerned mainly with what her family thinks. Inthe fifth chapter Tom is home and you learn that he cares forhis sister Maggie deeply, and that Tom's opinion is veryimportant to Maggie. In the sixth chapter the Tulliver's aregetting ready for the aunts and uncles to arrive. In theseventh chapter the family arrives and you are introduced toMrs.

Glegg, Mrs. Pullet, Mrs. Deane and Maggie's cousinLucy. Mr.

Tulliver states his intention to send Tom to schooland it is met with opposition. In the eighth chapter he goes tohis brother-in-laws house to demand the money that heowes him so that he can pay his wife's sister Mrs. Glegg. Inchapter nine you read about the Tullivers going to visit thePullets. In the tenth chapter Maggie pushed Lucy in the mudbecause she is receiving most of Tom's attention. When Tomgoes to tell on her she runs off and can't be found.

In theeleventh chapter Maggie decides to run away to the gypsies,but after learning how poor they were and how little of foodthey had she decides to go back home. In the twelfthchapter you read that St. Ogg is named for it's patron saintwho showed pity on a woman and child. St. Ogg is the townwhere the Gleggs live.

In the thirteenth chapter Mr. Tulliverborrows money from a client of his old enemy Wakem.Book One: Chapter 1-7 In the first chapter of this bookTom is at school, and he is Stelling's only student. Maggiegoes to visit him in October. In the second chapter Tom getsto come home for Christmas. Mr. Tulliver has a lawsuitagainst Mr. Pivart , his next door neighbor.

It has alsobecome known that Wakem's son will be sent to school withTom. In the third chapter Tom is back at school and meetsPhillip Wakem. Philip Wakem is a small, deformed youthwith a hump on his back, but is an exceptional artist andstory teller. In the forth chapter read that Tom feels thatPhilip is an enemy. Tom and Philip get in an argument thatleft Phillip crying bitterly. Tom bribes Mr.

Poulter to let himborrow his sword and keep it under his bed. In the fifthchapter Tom tries to make up the quarrel with Philip, butWakem does not respond. Tom tries to impress Maggie anddrops the sword on his foot. Also Maggie becomes veryfond of Philip Wakem. In the sixth chapter Philip sends.

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