The Mice That Set Elephants Free essay

Spot’s purpose of telling them this story is to show them that they do not need to be big to be friends with him. Even someone very tiny, like those mice, can help out In a huge way or matter if they all get together and try. Spot parallels this story because he is using the mice to get out of captivity in his own way as he wants to stay with him so he does not have to go back to the people who happen to own him. 5.

Spot, Swift, and Slow, all of those characters, exhibit the ability to elk which, of course, is only a human amenity. They also can understand concepts such as fear, which is shown when Spot shows up so Swift, Slow, and Gold all run. They also have human reason, which shows up when they understand that it does not seem rational for a small, little animal to be friends with a very large one like Spot. 7. It can be learned to just be friends with everyone, even if it does not seem like they are much to kick at first.They can probably end up being one of the best friends you can ask for. It also shows that you should always go something good, because something good might come back to you in the end. It lastly shows that you should not go into a friendship expecting anything at all.

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You will be sorely disappointed because nobody will just do something for you without showing you can repay the favor or be grateful. 8. It adds the message that no matter who you are, no matter your size, looks, where you come from, etc. , that you can really do something great.

Even if you are as small as a mouse, you could make the name impact an elephant could if you are truly willing and able. Size is not what matters, what matters is what you are able to do with your heart. 9.

The lesson portrays the idea that even if you where you end up is not that great, if you are with great people it will make it good. This can also go vice versa too as a person can be in the greatest place ever, but if you’re not with good people, it makes the place bad. In a sense, even Hell is bearable if you are there with the right people.

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