The known as pathways of help-seeking. Geetha,

The methods of seeking treatment and medical help by affected men and women are known as pathways of help-seeking. Geetha, 2017 has identified four pathways of medical help seeking by affected women . The common types of treatment seeking patterns were identified to be : 1.Allopathic-Ayurveda-Allopathic-Ayurveda-Homoeopathy systems of medicine pathway 2.Allopathic-Ayurveda-Allopathic systems of medicine pathway3.Allopathic-Ayurveda systems of medicine pathway4.Allopathic-Homoeopathy systems of medicine pathwayThese women had approached different systems of treatment for seeking resolution for their involuntary childlessness related difficulties.

The Government of Kerala had introduced a new system especially to cater to women in need, named AARDRAM. It is an initiative to make government hospitals more people friendly and to improve the basic infrastructure of government hospitals. Geetha,2017 has also identified certain pathways of treatment seeking which were not popular but nonetheless were sought by affected women. These were;5.Allopathic-Siddha-Homoeopathy systems of medicine pathway6.

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Allopathic-Herbal systems of medicine Medicine pathway7.Allopathic-Allopathic systems of medicine hospital in neighbouring state pathwayCouples seek different pathways for seeking adequate help for conception. These are based on accessibility, affordability and requirement of treatment needs.


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