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The Metaparadigm of Nursing Marina N Metry West Coast University June 2, 2018AbstractBy exploring the four concepts in the metaparadigm of nursing, I gained knowledge on how person, health, environment and nursing all correlate to form the metaparadigm.

Each concept has a significant contribution when it comes to health and well-being. This paper will entail how I developed my nursing philosophy and how it has shaped me to be the nurse I am today, while exploring the association between the four concepts of the metaparadigm of nursing. My Philosophy of Nursing For as long as I can remember, I have always had the desire and passion for serving others, untimely leading me to become a registered nurse. Throughout my years caring for my patients, my nursing philosophy has changed several times from the time I started my career.

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Working on the floor brings forth challenges and experience that have made my nursing philosophy revolve. Now, my nursing philosophy is one that focuses on bringing compassionate care by delivering a holistic approach and addressing the patient as a whole. By having a holistic approach when caring for my patients, it allows me to consider other factors when it comes to their care. That way, I can view my patient from every aspect. Ranging from their cultural values, mental well-being, cultural and social factors. This brings me to the metaparadigm of nursing.

The metaparadigm of nursing is compromised into four concepts, which include, person, health, environment, and nursing.Reflection on the Meta-Paradigm The four concepts all have a meaning when it comes to patient-centered care. In my own reasoning, the person component emphases on who is receiving the care; however, it also embraces other people that are important to the patient.

Every individual comes from a different upbringing, have unique genes, personality, age, and gender. Furthermore, I consider the health concept to be subjective and depends on the patient’s perspective. One person’s view on what is healthy might be thought unhealthy to someone else. The environment aspect relates to the patient’s surroundings which may affect their illness and recovery.

Some environmental factors include geographic situation, economic conditions, culture, friends, and family. If any of these factors have a negative influence on a patient, then it can alter ones’ recovery and wellness. Nonetheless, an individual is in control of changing their surroundings to improve their own health situation.

Lastly, I perceive nursing as providing compassionate care and service, while integrating the five-step nursing process to ensure quality-driven patient care. We applying our nursing knowledge, collaborate with other interdisciplinary teams, apply our professional judgment and hands-on skills to ensure our patients will have a positive health outcome. Concepts to Add or Eliminate After examining the four metaparadigms of nursing from my own perspective, I would include having a sense of purpose in life. I believe motivation drives an individual towards a fulfilling and a beneficial life. In fact, psychologist have found that individuals who have a drive in life tend to have both physical and psychological benefits. A study has shown that more than 6,000 people who were followed over 14 years demonstrated that a sense of purpose helps you live longer when one has a sense of direction and purpose throughout their lifespan (Hill & Turiano, 2014).

Having a certain hobby, interest, incentive, and motivation in any daily activity have a positive effect on one’s health and mental well-being. In addition, as nurses, finding out what our patients’ personal interests are can help spend up the recovery process and maintenance of one’s health. For, the patient has a purpose in life that they look forward too. On the other hand, the one concept that I would choose to eliminate from the meta-paradigm of nursing would be health. I believe the concept of health as a whole can be defined using all the other metaparadigms combined: person, environment, nursing, and having a sense of purpose in life. I learned that being a nurse, you not only need to understand your patient’s medical history in order to provide care, but you also need to know the patient’s upbringing and what drives them in life. This allows for a wider and deeper understanding of the patient; thus, delivering a holistic approach and addressing the patient as a whole.

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