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The Importance of Family Many times throughout The Metamorphosis, we observe the diminishing way in which Gregor is treated by his father. He has a low opinion of himself, for which his father is substantially responsible. Although Gregor did not really transform into an insect, he became very much like one. He becomes antisocial and awkward, envying others for their normality. This metaphorical transformation occurred due to the influences of his family, business and sexual life. Gregor’s father is not an ideal father figure. Not far into the text we learn that his father has been exploiting him for an unknown period of time. We can speculate, however, that this has been going on for a while.

His father uses him and lowers his self-esteem. He abuses Gregor and shows no sympathy for him, as is displayed in his apple-throwing frenzy. Gregor’s mother is different than his father. She loves Gregor and suffers the most from his metamorphosis.

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Her health is affected merely by catching a glimpse of him. It is this negative effect on his mother which causes Grete to resent him, and his father to resent him more. Grete, Gregor’s loving younger sister, is solely responsible for taking care of him after his transformation and abandonment by his parents.

She is the only one capable of taking care of him. In Part II, however, she begins to join in the mentality of her parents in using him. She suggests removing the better part of his furniture from his room because it inhibits his movements. In reality, she wants the furniture for herself.

Gregor is a failing businessman. He is such a failure that the company is constantly suspicious of him. In Part I, the company.

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