Questions 290                                                                        ELA

  1. The occasion was his inaugural speech for his presidency. He was addressing the problem of the stock market crashing and how he was planning on fixing it to make America great again.
  2. The common difficulties that him and the audience had were that America was in the great depression. This gave Americans a hard time with no money and no jobs.
  3. Roosevelt blamed the big bank owners and the powerful people on top of the stock market for the Great Depression.

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  4. Roosevelt says how it will be difficult to get passed the stock market crashing, but that if we stick together America will be great again.
  5. Roosevelt thought that congress should pass new laws to help the aid of Americans. He also thought that there should be help in the stock market

1a) Fantastic means a surprising amount in this passage.B)  This meaning conveys fantasy because it shows that the values have shrunken to an unbelievable level so that it is so low that it is almost unbelievable.2 a) Roosevelt could have said that values have sunk to unbelievable levels instead of fantastic.B) Americas economic problems aren’t emphasized by unbelievable because they are actually believable. Fantastic emphasizes this better because it uses  a more complex word to explain how the economic struggles are very big.

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