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The media serves as a public manifesto for information and the importance as well as the impact of media, written or electronic cannot be sidelined in the world of today. In the modern world of rapid communication and quick information, media plays a very fundamental role. Global as well as national affairs play a major role in each one of our lives and it is the role of the press to report these events. The freedom of speech and expression is the palpating blood of a democracy.

Just as without blood our phenomenal bodies would be unable to function, in the same way without media a democracy is incomplete as media is essentially a fourth pillar of a fully functional democracy. It is majorly the media that informs us about various political and social activities around us and like a mirror it reflects the brutal truth of any given situation. It acts as bridge of transparency between the citizens of any nation and the government. The media serves as the watchdog of our society, keeping the politicians on their toes by investigating any misbehavior or misconduct by them and compels them to fulfill their promises made to the citizens. The excessive coverage by the media during the strenuous time of elections helps people vote for right person to be in power.

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The media also exposes loopholes in the democratic system, pushing the government to fill the vacuum of these indigenous loopholes and cementing the system to build a stronger, more functional democracy. The media hence is a crucial tool for accountability apart from being an instrument for communication. Just as a teacher always picks the shy and quiet student to speak, who’s voice is often lost in the obstreperous atmosphere of the class in the same way the media allows the voice of any oppressed or silent person or party to be amplified and echo in the chaotic world today. In today’s age where the tide of information has increased tremendously, media along with trustworthy journalists have left no stone unturned in exposing any of corruption in our progressing society.


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