The media is one such lens and a powerful tool in shaping our picture of the world. Does this lens remain clear or do we allow it to become muddied by distortions of truth that portray things as we wish them to appear, and not as they truly are?The media must always come across as a moral agent, not as a monster, and this must define the person and character of every journalist.

Your smile lights up in the room. You are like this beautiful creature that stepped out from a fairytale and made all dreams and wishes come true.
Maybe you will never see in you what i see the little things you do that make me go crazy. But babe am not crazy and you are perfectly perfect me. You don’t have to try to change a single thing. Cause the way you are is sweeter than anything. Maybe I am a fool but it has been always been you that makes me smile the way you do
Just to say that forever be long enough for me to feel like i have had long enough with you. Because if the whole world was watching, I had still dance with you, drive highways and byways to be there with you, over and over the only truth as everything comes back to you.

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