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Malcolm X, is the biographical story, written and directed by Spike Lee, about the famous African America activist and Black Nationalist, Malcolm X, formerly known as Malcolm Little. The film is based on Alex Haley’s Autobiography of Malcolm X, which was told to him by the great nationalist. The film centers around the life of the African-American activist Malcolm X, covering the film into three sections of his life, which eventually to his death and tragic assassination on February 21, 1965, in New York City. The first chapter of the film introduces Malcolm X as a child, who was then known as Malcolm Little. This part of the film covers the troubled and harsh childhood of Malcolm Little. Malcolm Little succumbs to the tragedies of this first part of the film, which include, the murder of his father a preacher, Earl Little (Played by Tommy Hollis)by the Black Legion, and the institutionalization of his mother Louise Helen (played by Lonette McKee) for insanity. As time goes on, Malcolm earns himself a job as a Pullman porter, referring to himself by the name of Detroit Red, which ends up getting involved with a gangster from Harlem who goes by the name of West Indian Archie (played by Delroy Lindo).

Malcolm then moves to Boston where he becomes a crook, and it is there where he and his best friend Shorty (played by the film’s director, Spike Lee) are arrested by the Boston police and sentenced to a ten-year prison term. The second chapter of the film follows the life of Malcolm X in prison, where he learns of the teachings of the Nation of Islam from a fellow inmate, Baines (played by Albert Hall). The third chapter of the film carries Malcolm X through his growing of religion of a disciple of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X becomes an important figure and speaker for the Islamic movement and meets Betty Shabazz (played by Angela Bassett) during this time, his future wife.

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Towards the end of the film, Malcolm X goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca, where he learns that Muslims can come from all races of mankind, even whites, which he has been preaching a doctrine from separation in white society. This causes Malcolm.

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