The better than cure.” In the beginning,

The main reason that Erin Gruwell decided to teach instead of be a lawyer is because of the influence from her father, being part of the civil rights movement and while watching the L.

A riots on Television. At that time, she was thinking of going to law school but thought that by the time you’re defending a kid in a courtroom the battle’s already lost. That only indicates that Ms. G believes that going to the beginning where she can educate her students on the fundamentals and essentially prevent them from ending up with a lost court case. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.

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“In the beginning, an obstacle that Ms. Gruwell faced was her own inexperience and naiveté. Second, the students are an obstacle, since everyone has given up on them; they have given up on themselves. Due to their past experiences with the education system they are extremely mistrustful of Ms. G. that she won’t last long just like the other teachers and is just going to leave them when she can’t handle them anymore.

By that, she must prove herself over and over again before they trust her. In spite those obstacles, her courage, optimism, willpower and resilience are extraordinary for she continue exerts effort to her students. At first, they all cause trouble in Ms. G’s class and resist her efforts of trying to teach them. Later on they realize that they all share similar problems and have gone through rough times.

They can relate to one another of the difficult moments of their individual lives they have to face because they’re all trying to cope with the cards they have been dealt in life. Ms. Gruwell finds things that the students will be able to relate. She tried to engage the students by finding something she thought they would be interested in with that she tried to use 2Pac rapper lyrics with poetry as an example of internal rhyme.

She breaks the boarders in the


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