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The main objective of this journal is to look into the advantages of registering under ISO14001, especially for a newly industrialized country like Malaysia (Tan, 2005). It is anticipated for the number of companies to seek ISO 14000 to increase as firms perceived that it is a crucial step to becoming global (Tan,2005). In most developed countries, the demand for standards is mostly driven by the market (Affisco et al.

,1997). In contrast, companies in Asian countries like Malaysia, registration of ISO 9000 is mostly motivated by the top-management instead of the market (Gilbert&Sia,2001). By adopting the ISO 14001, it can lead the company towards a green and clean operation (Tan,2005) as it reduces companies’ wastages (Melnyk et al,2003; Pun et al,1998; Fussler,1996; Weissman;Sekutowski,1991) which will automatically reduce the inauspicious impact towards the environment (Poksinska et al,2003; Denton,1994) and minimizes the use of energy (Weissman;Sekutowski,1991; Pun et al,1998). When a company minimizes their energy consumption, they will be able to reduce cost which is certainly favourable. Besides that, it can also increase public awareness. When firms enhance their position in the market through environment conservation, they will have the upper hand by expanding their market (Tan,2005; Lin,1995). Other benefit includes effective operations whereby the operational safety improves (Pun et al,1998; Weissman;Sekutowski,1991) and materials are fully utilized (Weissman;Sekutowski,1991).

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It was also mentioned that the management of a company can be improved as systematic protocols are followed (Pun et al,1998; Boiral;Sala,1998; Lau,1997; Pearson et al, 1992). In many ways, majority of Malaysian companies experience similar benefits after adopting the ISO 140001. Not only can they improve the efficiency of their company, it can also more importantly preserve the environment.


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