The the look and feel of a native

The main goal of my project was to appraise and implement a Progressive Web App (PWA) and the advantage the of PWA is that it combines the best of native apps (iOS and Android), it acts as a website and web app.

Since the PWA was inaugurated it did not stop progressing or improving, that is why is called Progressive Web App. Among it is progressive enhancement is the ability for the user to add PWA to their Home Screen. Add to Home Screen characteristic allows users to save the PWA icon to their home screen together with your additional app icons. Users can formerly unveil the PWA through the look and feel of a native app. These differences are not noticeable by the users. PWA is reliable, fast, and engaging.

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Having PWA in place eliminate the necessity to develop two separate solutions, one for iOS and one for Android.Many organizations are now migrating their websites to functionable Progressive Web Apps, Twitter Lite is a good great example employing push notifications and offline mode. Lighthouse integrated in PWA improves the quality of webpages, lighthouse has audits for greater performance, accessibility, progressive web apps and many more to mention.

Many organizations are updating their current websites to PWA, for better performance, better usability, better Google ranking and Offline access when internet is not available.The core of PWA is HTTPS which need to be served over a secure connection, therefore HTTPS protocol is the best way. The purpose of HTTPS is to encrypts the data users send to hosting server, this security prevents impostors, hackers to from tampering with user’s connection.

Google Site Engine Optimization (SEO) favour website on HTTPS and in return receives higher rankings in contrast to non-secure websites.The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the future of websites development for many reasons: – many companies like Alibaba for e-commerce, Twitter Lite, Forbes, Flipkart, the weather channel, the Washington Post, and the list goes on and goes on.Seamless access for the users, Offline access to content, user engagement is better, because of automated HTTPs PWAs are more secure and fast uploading and downloading.After a thorough study of applicable theory and web app architectures, the emphasis was shifted towards the practical implementation of a PWA prototype.Thus, a prototype PWA is developed with compilation of the following components (webpack, react.js, manifest, service workers, light house, JavaScript, bootstrap 4, HTML 5) for class demo. The prototype designed in this project let the users having the feels and behaves of a native app (iOS and Android).No need to download the software because it’s delivered right inside the web browser, when the page loads, the app is running.According to Google’s latest statistics, Progressive Web Apps see an average +68% increase in mobile traffic, 15 times faster to load and install, 25 times less device storage than native apps, improvement in page load times.


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