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The Main Characters :Since Great Expectations is a bildungsroman novel, Pip is the main character in the novel. Philip Pirrip known simply as Pip is among the most remembered characters in the English literature. He undergoes a process of moral and psychological growth throughout the novel. In the beginning , we encounter Pip the child who is an orphan living with his sister and her husband .

Pip is naïve and has many good inner qualities; for instance, he helps an escaped convict by bringing him some food and a file from his home. Pip remains the same until he meets with Estella in Satis House. After her harsh criticism of his social status and his low educational level, Pip makes a decision to better his life to be worthy of her. He starts educating himself in Mr. Wopsle’s aunt school. He starts dreaming of becoming a gentlemen to make her love him and be his wife. His relationship with the people who love him changes completely.

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He is no more in a good relationship with his best friend Joe. He, even, feels ashamed of his family and his home. After his inheritance of the fortune and his departure to London, Pip forgets about his family; when he visits kent , he does not go to see them. Pip spends several years in London learning how to become a gentlemen. He becomes in fact a gentlemen, but he lost the love of his family.

Even Estella, for whom he did all this, kept treating him as bad as the usual. Pip changes after his acknowledgment of multiple events he was not aware of. First, Miss Havisham is not his benefactor. She raised Estella to take revenge of men, so he was Estella’s first person to practice on. Second, Magwitch is the one behind his fortune , which is indeed corrupted. Third, Joe comes to take care of him after he gets sick. All this incidents had a great influence on Pip, so he decided to change.

Pip realizes that family and friendship are more important than superficial appearances and gentility. The second most important character in Great Expectations is Miss Havisham. This character has been present throughout the most important events of the novel.

her importance also comes from the role she played in Pip’s development. She, first, invited him to her house to play there. Then, she introduced him to her adopted daughter: Estella ; this meeting changed Pip’s life completely.


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