The Main Catalyst For Conflict Is Fear essay

Human motions is one of the most complex creation in the world, it is illogically and unpredictable. The most common case is sympathy, many social experiments has proven that around 94 out of 1 00 people are willing to help a lost child on the street to finds its parents. Fear can stimulate conflict with an extremely fast speed, because it trigger people’s self protect mechanism. People are selfish creatures, we care more about our surroundings more then any one else in this world, which is clearly shown though the fact that parents will be willing to sacrifice anyone in order to protect their children.Imagine the scene, where an ordinary person is holding a gun against a famous murderer, who has his hands up in the sky and clearly shown that he did not equip a weapon.

It is not likely that the person will shoot or fire the gun, instead he will wait till the police to come. However, what if the murderer is also holding a gun pointing against the person? The ordinary person will clear shoot, just because his life is under threatened, that he might be killed if he did not fire the gun.In the film, ‘a separation’, Ender choose to lie that he did not know Racier is carrying a hill, because he fear that if he tell the truth, his family will in a dangerous situation; his father is suffering Z%њR-, which meant if he is taken care of he might die as a result, his daughter still need to go to school, if Ender is taken into jail no one can help her with her homework and most of all, if Ender is taken into jail, he can no longer financially support his family. Those reasons and fear is what driven Ender to do something that he clearly educated his daughter to not do, lie.On the other hand, fear also caused conflict between Racier and Hajj. The fact that Racier is a extremely religious woman, caused her to be unable to lie in the words of the god, because she is scared that the god will punish her children if she lies. Therefore she refuses to swear that Ender caused her lost of child, given that she knew that if she don’t wear she will not obtain the blood money and her husband Hajj will be placed in jail because all the money he owes to his creditors. As a result Hajj went into a great rage and not likely to be in a normal relationship with Racier again.

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Indubitable this has proven that fear is a catalyst for conflict, cause it dictate people’s response to arising situations. However are fear really the main catalyst for conflict? In many situations conflict are often created due to the unbalancing power between two sides, this is because the differences in strength might not only cause the weaker side to fear and worry that they will be crush by the stronger opponent causing them more likely to start the conflict, attempting to take the opponent off guard, but also stimulate stronger sides’ greed: the fact that powerful side’s safety will not be hindered during conflict, attract theStronger force to destroy the weaker force. The scientific video ‘bug wars’ clearly demonstrated this most basic instinct ‘territory, which belongs to all animals in this world, including human beings. The fighting scene between two aggressive species, such as ‘jumping spider’ with ‘splitting spiders’ rarely happens, and even when it does happens a relatively length periods of time is required before either of the species makes a move because both sides know that one wrong move is deadly and might cause themselves to become the pray.On the other hand, when a ‘giant tree insect’ faces a ‘green mantis’, the Rene mantis makes his attack immediately, which is around 9 seconds of wait, and successfully killed the giant tree insect. This is because the green mantis are not worried, the fact that giant tree insect is herbarium inform the green mantis its life is not in danger. Those wars between the insects, on a larger scale, reflect the human society, where conflicts will also arise because the difference in strength beјen two forces, but in a less deadly and more human way.

Clearly, it can be seen that apart from fear, the ‘unbalancing power between b. O sides’ is also a catalyst for conflict. Furthermore, other human emotions apart from fear are also catalysts for conflict. The most common example will be hatred and love. Many people will always be willing to join a conflict if it helps to protect their loved ones and many people will also be willing to join a conflict in order to take revenge on their hated ones. Sometimes loves and hates can be combined together and become a stronger catalyst for conflict.

In the film ‘a separation’, the death of the male child is the one of the main catalyst, which dives Hostage seek revenge, attempting to put Ender into jail.Hajji’s love for his child and hate for Ender as murderer cause Host to be more willing to take the case on to the court, rather then take the ‘blood money, which is beneficially for both side. Although at the end Hajj has been convinced by his creditor to take the ‘blood money, the conversation ‘you really think this is about the money? Between Hajj and Simon clearly proven that what really driven Hajj to take Ender to court is his desire to revenge rather then attempting to obtain more money. As a result it is proven that human emotions are also catalysts for conflict.

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