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The Lovely Bones is a captivating novel written by Alice Sebold which reveals the truths and details behind the tragic incident from the perspective of a young girl who was brutally murdered after being raped by her neighbour. The text encouraged me to view the character of the little girl herself, Susie Salmon, in a very charismatic way. Susie interests me, as do her thoughts and opinions due to the fact that the novel is written from her perspective while she watches down on her family and her killer from heaven after she dies.

Susie Salmon at the age of 14 was raped and murdered by her next-door neighbour in an underground cabin built by her killer, Mr. Harvey. Susie showed many admirable character traits such as bravery which helped me to see her in a way that I wouldn’t have seen her beforehand. Susie portrays herself as outgoing in the sense of creativity but quite shy and reserved when in a social situation. Susie demonstrated bravery when Mr. Harvey loured Susie into the hideout he plotted in the middle of a remote cornfield in which not many people pass through. Susie acted out of naivety and innocence when accepting his offer to see the hideout however soon after she realised what his intentions were, her demeanour immediately changed. She became hesitant and wanted to leave instantly however a quote by Mr. Harvey when he officially announces to Suzy that she is not escaping states “You aren’t leaving, Susie. You’re mine now.”

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