Essay truth and decided to bury his feelings

Essay title: The Lovely Bones

It was my first year in the college when I read The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold.

This novel is so fabulous that I keep thinking why I waited so long to read it. Until today, when I think of this book, I still can’t help thinking what will happen to my families, my friends and my loved ones if I die. The story told in this book is so heartbreaking yet so beautiful. After reading it, it fills people’s soul with hope instead of sorrow.Susie Salmon was a junior high school student when she was raped and murdered by her neighbor one afternoon after school.

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And then she went up to Heaven and observed what her death did to her families and loved ones. Her family was thoroughly shocked and had been in the shadow of desperation since her death. Her little sister mentally became mature through one night and the pillar of the family. Her little brother didn’t understand what death could mean at that time, because he was only five years old.

But as he was growing up, he realized the truth and decided to bury his feelings deep into his heart and act like he had never had a sister. Her father couldn’t pull himself out of deep sorrow and lived in pain everyday. He was unsatisfied with the investigation of the police and started to look for evidence himself. But he finally became disabled by encountering an accident during his investigation. Her mother could not accept the reality and stand the pressure and finally collapsed.

She had an affair with head detective on her daughter’s case and ran far away from her family in the end. The murderer, who raped and killed not only Susie Salmon but also other girls, finally was accused in the charge of murder. But he was released right at court because of lack of evidence. When going to committee another crime, he was killed by a car accident. At the end of the story, Susie’s father had a heart attack and went to the hospital. When all the family members gathered together in that room, including the mother and Susie’s soul, they suddenly felt relieved and figured out that after all these years, they should let go instead of dwelling on the past, and let the dead rest in peace and give their love to the living ones.The whole story is told by Susie Salmon’s point of view.

And she does not tell the story in the normal timeline, but containing a lot of flashbacks. What makes me very impressive is that the narrator Susie didn’t feel the slightest sorrow about her death. She told the story in a very peaceful or even curious tone. And.

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