Goulet/ENL sad because everyone is endanger of

Goulet/ENL 102June 28, 2016Kayenta Center“The Lottery”Character-Tessie Hutchinson- She arrives late to the lottery and admits that she forgot what day it was. She is outspoken and tells it how she sees it type of person. Honesty seemed to play a big factor in her life being that she was only protester during the lottery. Unfortunately she was the one who drew the bad slip during the lottery which is stoned to death.

 She was the only villager to protest at the lottery because her family the Hutchinson drew the lottery, she proclaimed that it wasn’t fair and she tried to tell Mr. Summer that he didn’t give enough time like he did to others. But then she gets shut down by Bill when he says “Shut up, Tessie”. Her innocence doesn’t matter anymore and her role of a popular housewife is gone.

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.Theme-Lottery Dangers- Every year the whole town participates in the lottery as far as children who even draw during the lottery. Which is sad because everyone is endanger of what happens when he or she picks the wrong slip knowing what happens afterwards. Basically every ones name is written on a slip and is dropped in the black box which is secured til the day of the lottery.  Death Awaits- During the lottery everyone from town is gather together and surrounded by family while Mr. Summer calls upon family members to come up and take a slip. Each one is instructed not to open the slip until everyone has the chance of taking out there slip. From the beginning of the story I thought that was a story of a lottery to where whoever picks out the right the slip also known as the money slip would win a certain amount of money.

But not in the case, whoever draws the slip is stoned to death. Eventually, that person who takes out the wrong slip is to be killed and that is what happens next. So in the story Tessie is the person who ends up dying because she drew the dark slip.

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