The at first. The girl being assigned first,

Themovie review that I have been watched was title Teacher’s Diary from thedirector Nithiwat Tharatom.

This movie was about two new teachers that name Annand Song. The character was a lonely teacher that needs to teach students atthe same school located in rural area (a remote floating school withoutelectricity and phone signal) but a year apart. With a different background,these two new teachers have a difficulty when they reach the school at first.The girl being assigned first, attempted to write her thoughts on a diary,being stuck out in boonies.

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Oneday Ann has to be transferred to another school and she left the diary. Themale teacher, Song came by as a substitute and saw the diary thus falling inlove with the unacquainted writing by Ann. The male teacher was in the realsituation when he rewind what Ann have through the experience in the school andstudents behavior before he came one year after by read her diary. He alsowrote his thoughts on it. The male teacher also left and the female teacherreturned and saw that there are added articles on the diary.

Ann also fell inlove with Song but having a hard time looking for him after he not more teachat the school when she just coming back.  Song was a former wrestling athlete who became to teacher atthe rural school. This school has only four students and one teacher. Theschool was really old, made from wood and had to go by boat to reach the place.The school was very isolated and plain. Before he commanded to taught in thatplace, he already registered in the public school as a sport teacher but therewas no vacancy, so he was commanded to teach in that place. That school wasdifferent from public. The school on the lake, there were no uniform, book, andthe facilities were only blackboard and chalk.

When he arrive the school, he saw nobody at the school andfeels weird of the surroundings. Then one day, he ask a woman that ride a boatnear the place he stay where all the students because a couple of day he there,he not see the students come to school. Then the woman said the students notknow the presence of new teachers here. And Song went to village called thestudents to come to school. The school was far from the student’s houses sothey had to be in that school for several days.

 In another day, the students come sending by their parents buthe not very ready to teach because he not have an experience become a teacher before.He asking for them to introduce themselves but the students ignores what hesaid. Suddenly he saw the diary of Ann a former teacher on top of the blackboard. It was only thing that makes the understanding of his students and reduceshis loneliness.

Many stories of Ann at this school were written in her diary.He was so impressed and felt like with Ann because make he inspired more tobecome a good teacher. A year later, Ann returned as a teacher at this rural schoolagain. She found her diary with his stories written drained out in the book.But she does not know why Song leaves this school and where he is now.

But itmakes sense to be back at school never being the same. This school was filledwith remembrance. She was looking for him by call the number given by the headmaster of the school but not reach anymore. Then she goes to Song house and thenew tenant said he was moving out from the house. One day, Ann fiancé came to the school and asking for theforgiveness from what have happens before. Suddenly, Ann changes her mind toget back with her fiancé and forget about Song. Before this, Ann have receive aletter from Song that he will coming this school holiday to meet the students.But in the same day, she goes with her fiancé to left the school to get the newlife and Song came to the school.

Suddenly, on the way to go she change hermind to go back to the school because she feel like she love to be at theschool surroundings. When she arrived the school, she found that the school wasvery quiet and think that everyone not there anymore. Then the light up and shefound that Song was there repair the school facilities. These movies actually inspire me to be a good teacher whereever I will go for posting later. The more rural area you will be posting, themore strongly you need to change the mind of the students to come to school andimportant to have knowledge.

From what I have internalized from the story, itmakes me think how should I act and respond to my students in future. Whatbehavior to use and how I will communicate with them. Being a teacher not an easy task.

There’s a big challengesthat I will faced not be easy as I was become a student in university. Asfuture teachers, I should follow the rules and regulations of the school thatI’ll be teach. Be a good example to my student and motivated them to study hardwas very important. In Malaysia, the traditional classroom is a place where a group of students will follow the learning process. In this type of classroom, students usually sit in the order of chairs and tables that are arranged line by line. For instance, students who are tall should sit at the back whereas students who are short or have poor eyesight should sit front. But from the movies I have been watched, the classroom was very poor and there were no facilities and enough equipment at all.

The students will be collected in same classroom with all standards of students that were standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. They will learn different level of standards in the same class and the teacher need to have a special privilege to teach all the standards. Not on that, in termsof teaching strategies, student-centered is actively approach in the process ofteaching and learning. This is because it raises an interesting environment inclassroom and stimulates the process of teaching and learning. Students shouldbe mastered with oral, reading and writing. Students who could not master anysubjects, the student will be sent to remedial classes. From the movieTeachers’ Diaries, the learning process is more to teacher- centered where theteachers need to give all the knowledge to the students. Same like education inMalaysia, the class also has a final exam to find out level of understanding fromwhat have been learn before.

But from the movies, when they failed the exam,they cannot change their standard and must take another exam to up theirstandard. Here if the students not pass the exam, they can still move to theother standard but will go to the last class necessary. Moreover, animportant step in teaching children to be comfortable with their cultural backgroundand essentially themselves is to encourage and value their input in a smallgroup of other students. From what I have been watched from the movies, thestudents came from the same area which is from fisherman village.

They only sawtheir parents occupation and one day when they growth up, they also want to bea fisherman as same as the their father. These show that, children will saw thesurrounding to see how well and bad of something from their experience. Theseshows how responsible a teacher need to be to make sure their student becomesuccessful in one day. From what I havelearned in the movie Teacher’s Diaries, traditionalteaching and learning is changing to keep up with the rapid developments andchanges. As a person that will become a teacher one day, I hope I will able toengage and interact with a wide variety of information from an ever increasingrange of sources. Where ever I will go for posting, I hope I can be like thosecharacter Ann and Song that able to teach student even do not have goodfacilities and not familiar with the environment.

It isdifficult for new teachers to teach and for students to learn in placesthat have leaking roofs, rotting floors and inadequate lighting, heating, andair conditioning. Rural students, like all students, are entitled to attend schoolin a building that is healthy, safe, and conducive to learning. Yet,historically rural school facilities have been ignored, neglected and under-funded because states tend to rely on localcommunities to pay all or most of the costs of school repairs and maintenance.

Education is moreimportant than ever much of the public seems less willing to pay for it. Giventhat constraint, teachers need to find ways to tap the naturally occurringcuriosity of students so that we can turn them loose to do more learning ontheir own. Students also will not have fixed single careers. Instead, they arelikely to follow a working trajectory that encompasses multiple careers and asthey progress, they won’t be able to depend on what they learned in school adecade earlier. They will need to be able to gain new skills outside today’straditional educational institutions.Teachers need to put in practice a new teaching stylethat can improve students’ abilities and attitudes for lifelong learning.

Classesin rural schools are relatively small and teachers tend to satisfaction withtheir work environments and relatively few problems with discipline. Butteacher turnover is often high, and hiring can be difficult. From theobservation, the rural schools have a below-average share of highly trainedteachers. Compensation in rural schools tends to be low, perhaps because of alower fiscal capacity in rural areas, thus complicating efforts to attract andretain teachers. As the conclusion,the challenge for educators is to present an effective education foundation bymeans of which all children can learn to accept others.

The goal of educationis not only to teach children about other groups or countries. It is also tohelp children become accustomed to the idea that there are many lifestyles,languages, cultures, and points of view. The purpose of curriculum is to attachpositive feelings to experiences so that each child will feel included and valued,and will feel friendly and respectful toward people from other ethnic andcultural groups. One key to helping young children develop a sense of beingcitizens of the world lies with the early childhood teacher.

Creating classrooms is a growing priority forall teachers. This includes restructuring the curriculum and classroomevaluation, but more importantly it includes embracing difference and openingup the classroom for communication. Schools in Malaysia are making vastimprovements in this area but more still needs to be done. Otherwise, childrencan grow to adulthood unaware of and insensitive to the exp


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