The self-knowledge, which is very essential.*Play To

The Lombardi Rules This book has many important lessons to be taught and learned in life.The following lessons from The Lombardi Rules, stood out the most to me because I believe they are very helpful in leadership:*Ask Yourself Tough Questions- I chose this lesson because it asks in the writing, if day-to-day urgencies always have to shove higher-order concerns to the side.This question made me think a lot.I concentrated on the meaning behind the question and came up with somewhat of an answer for myself.I was also able to highly concentrate on other tough questions that I needed answered for my part.This lesson directs you to discover self-knowledge, which is very essential.*Play To Your Strengths- I chose this lesson because I find it to be so true how it states that no standardized test will reveal your goals in life and that there is no formula by which you can find out what makes you tick.I agree with Lombardi all the way on this because along with Ask Yourself Tough Questions, in this lesson it is stressed that we should find our own strengths and choose our own path which is right for us, not the path less traveled nor the one of least resistance.*Write Your Character- I chose this lesson because it states that we are not to let circumstances shape us, but instead build ourselves in character.It also states that combined with good habits and competence, character creates the building blocks for leadership.These points are very crucial because they express the fact that we can learn from hardship and that in the most difficult times is when we become more open to.

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