The gloomy clouds covering most of the

The locations of the Pacific that border different states has cities appearing with hot gloomy clouds covering most of the sunlight. Dozens of news reports claim the smoke to be toxic and have refused families to be outside.Most residents in the north of Seattle claim they are unable to leave the area but yet wear masks to avoid breathing in particles. When it comes to pollution, smoke inhalation can cause hypoxia which is an inadequate supply of oxygen in body. As humans, we inhale in twenty-one percent of oxygen and exhale sixteen percent on our own. From 100 kilometers away, NASA reveals how they are able to notice the wildfires that are occurring all around the country.

However, as temperature rises, the air itself starts to substantially increase where cities rely on continuous air conditioning. Where it is known to be safe, wildfires have gave towns the most rough areas to breathe in and it has worsened in the past years. Although it became a season to remember, fires have moved all across nearby cities including Portland, South Oregon, California, British Columbia, and The National Forest.

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Smoke has been barricading these cities for a period of time and has always transported through. Therefore with scientists and experts, they have agreed climate will rise and more land will become unavailable.


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