The order to improve their daily operations.

The literature and studies mentioned above are believed to be relevance as they provide effective ideas helpful as the present study goes on.The local literature of Precious (2010) and Borderless Hub Philippines Inc. (2012) regarding to the proper storing of inventory and organizing of the daily business transaction of the company, thru inventory system it will be easily achieved. Their literatures were very much related to the present study since inventory system provides an effective system designed to improve the business.

The literature of Sanders (2010), Espino (2010) and Villanueva (2010), having the inventory system that will provide accurate and effective way of 15processing transaction and monitor the movement of inventory in order to improve their daily operations. In conformity with the present study, in using inventory system it is easily to locate and track inventory in an instant. As viewed by the foreign literature of Hold (2010), inventory is an asset that is essential in the business. This was supported by Miller (2010) which also emphasized that there must be an availability of inventory when needed. In addition, he also emphasized that thru the use of inventory system it will maintain supervise the level of stocks.

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It is relevant to the present study because there is a need of timeliness in the distribution of inventory when they are needed.In the literature of Wild (2017), having the availability of items to be distributed is important in order to continue in business. This were related to the present study which also indicated the use of inventory system to provide effective operation in business.

In connection to Moreno (2015), inventory system also provides efficiency in the recording of stocks received which are located from one place to another. It is much related to the present study because locating and tracking stocks is important.Leonard (2017) and Johansson and Olsson (2018) believed that proper storing will help in managing stocks.

It is much related to the present study because proper storing will be useful for the efficient operation of business. 16The basic proposed inventory system are to make the process fast and well-organized which means that they can process more quick than humans. But, we researchers still believe that human is the mastermind because, according to Kentwatak (2013), inventory system is a product of human knowledge with the use of technology and benefits ourselves. It proposed inventory system aims to lighten works involving strict and complex recording. Flordayuha (2013), asserts that inventory system is important to all companies that has a large inventories that can make their work timeless to spend.

The study of Osita, Paragas, et al.(2011), says that inventory system is the major expenditure needed in the business in order to track and maintain the recordings of inventories especially to the companies. In addition, according to the studies of Ely, Montojo and Reonico (2011), indicates that using the inventory system is important and needed to perform the records, tracks, updates, changes in the company to finish it efficiently however, it is better to use the inventory system than using manual system that has no positiveness that it will be secured. As viewed by Flores, Garcillan, and Lorzano (2011), the inventory system helps the customers to have information or proofs about their purchases.

It also contains the latest information about the product that has been sold. 17In the study of Latido et al., (2010), states that inventory is basically the total amount of goods and materials held in stock by a factory, warehouse, and other business.Based on the study of Kaye Morris (2010), the manual inventory is helpful into the business to keeps track of goods and material it has available. It can be done manually by counting so it can identify the lost sales due to the shortages.

As viewed by Ogbo (2011), states that inventory system is needed to ensure that the business has the right goods on hand to avoid stock-outs also to prevent shrinkage and uncertain accounting. Anabeza, Aycardo, et al. (2010), states that the inventory system is divided into procedures in order to review, receive, issue or inventory on hand.

By these procedures can continuous monitored the level of company inventory at all times.In the study of Ann I

(2014),managinh the inventory control includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing the ordering inventory storage and controlling the amount of products for sale. Inventory control system is needed to improve the business performance and also to prevent risk.


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