Tostarttherewerefourchildren,Peter,Susan,Edmund empty except for one wardrobewhile the others

Tostarttherewerefourchildren,Peter,Susan,Edmund ,andLucy.Peter was the eldest out of the four and wastheone withmore sensewhenit cametowhat todoincertainsituations, Susanthe secondoldest,probablyhadmoresenseallaround,andwasalittlelikePeter,Edmundthethirdoldestwasspitefuland hethoughthisbrother andsistersaresortof outto gethim,Lucytheyoungestoutofthefourismoretrustingandsensitive. Thefourchildrenweresentawayfromtherehometoanoldprofessorshouseintheheartof the woodsbecauseof thewartherewereair raids sothatsthemainreasonwhytheyweresentaway.Thehousethey weresenttowashugewithmanyroooms andthatswheretherejourneybeganitwasraining one dayso they couldn't go outside so they decided to play insidewhile playing all four of them found a spare roomand it was completely empty except for one wardrobewhile the others left Lucy stayed behindand looked in the wardrobeat first she thought there were only coats and she loved fur soshe jumped in and she went further into the wardrobe shethen thought that it was an enormous wardrobe thenshe felt things that felt like branches then she came out ofthe dark and saw that she was in a wood.There she met a faun named Mr.

Tumnus he was carrying packagesback to his house he offered her tea, cake, and sardinesso she decided to go with him.when they got there they had there tea, cake, and sardines.Then he lulled her to sleep using a flute but then felt bad and broke thetrance she awoke and saw him crying she asksed him why he was crying he explains why he was cry crying and that he has taken sideswith the Queen.Then he takes her back to where they had met and Lucy went back through the wardrobe and back int that spare roomshe tells her brothers and sister and they dont believe her and think shes tellinga silly lie.

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Then after a little while they play hide and seek, so Lucydecides to go check the wardrobe to see if it will let her throughagain, and surely enough it did but Edmund folowed her andthought he'd go ahead and scare her so he goes over to thewardrobe and pulls open the doors but he doesn't see Lucyand gets in the wardrobe and walks to the back and lets hinthrough to Narnia and he's amazed that Lucy was telling thetruthand not lying like everyone thought and thats not the onlyreason the other reason is because there was an entirely newcountry that hasn't even been mapped yet or it's just an entirelynew world. Edmund walked around in this new country Narnia andoddly enough meets the White Witch the queen of Narnia thatthe faun had told Lucy about and what he told.

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