The Peter, Susan and Edmund found nothing interesting,

The Lion, The Witch And The WardrobeBy C.S.

LewisThe four childeren, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had to stay at the home of a professor in the time of the second world war. Because there was not much to do and it rained a lot, the children decided to look around the house. They came across a room that had nothing in it, but a big wardrobe. Peter, Susan and Edmund found nothing interesting, and left the room. But Lucy opened the wardrobe, and looked inside. There were many coats in it.

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She left the door open, because she knew it was a foolish thing to lock oneself up in a wardrobe. She kept walking to the back, looking for the wall but she found none. Instead of feeling coats, or a wooden floor, she felt branches and snow. This confused her, as she kept walking. In the distance, she saw a light and when she reached it, it turned out to be a lamp post.

She started walking around, when a starnge creature walked towards her. He was smaller than Lucy, and had the legs of a goat, a tail and held an umbrella in his hand. It was a Faun, and his name was Mr.

Tumnus. Lucy introduced herself, and the Faun asked her if she was a Daughter of Eve. Lucy didn’t understand, and Mr. Tumnus asked her is she was a girl, which was true. Mr. Tumnus askedif she would like to go to is house and have some tea, and Lucy replied with a yes.

They ate and drank, while Mr. Tumnus told her about all kinds of things like the White Witch, and Lucy told of her siblings. When Lucy told him she had to leave, Mr.Tumnus began to cry. Lucy tried to confort him, but he kept saying that he was a bad Faun, because he worked for the White Witch, whom made it always winter, but never Christmas.

He had to take the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve to her, but he couldn’t now since they became friends. He brought Lucy back to the lamp post, but they had to be quiet, for the Witch had spies everywhere, even some trees. Lucy ran through the door of the wardrobe and stumbled out and ran to her siblings, and told them she’d come back. Her siblings didn’t understand what she meant, for Lucy had only been gone for a merely a second. She told them everything she’d experienced, but they did’t believe her. Edmund kept making fun of her and asked if she’d found any new worlds since then.

A few days later, they decided to play hide and seek. Edmund was “it”and had to find everyone. Lucy was hiding in the back room, when she heard Edumnd coming, and hid in the wardrobe. Edmund came into the room, and decided to look in the wardrobe.

Maybe Lucy was there. He searched around, but couldn’t find anything. He too, stumbled into Narnia. He shouted for Lucy, and apologized for not believing her, but Lucy didn’t appear.

Instead, a sled with a tall woman, wearing white, with a white face appeared. A dwarf was steering two wite reindeer. The sled stopped immediately when the Witch saw Edmund. He introduced himself. At first the witch was mean at first, but when she found out he was a son of Adam (a boy), she suddenly became very friendly. She gave Edmund some turkish Delight, his favorite food, and kept him warm. The Witch enchanted the Turkish Delight, so that the person who ate it, would want more, and more until they ate themselves to death.

Edmund promised the Witch that he’d bring his siblings, and he’d get more Turkish Delight and she’d crown him Prince of Narnia, and later king. When Lucy found Edmund after she’d visited Mr. Tumnus, she’s happy, bacause now Edmund knew she hadn’t lied.

She told him about the Witch and the bad things she’d done, and how everyone hated her. Edmund felt uncomfortable, because he thought she was nice. When Edmund and Lucy found their older siblings, Lucy told them that everything was true and Edmund had seen it, too. But Edmund denies it, and now Lucy was mad at him.The professor’s home was very old and famous, and there were often tours around it.

The housekeeper told the children never to be int he way when one of those tours took place. One day, while walking through the house they heard voices, and went into the old back room to hide.They then also went into the wardrobe, in fear that the people’d come into the room. They were all now in Narnia, and everyone believed Lucy. Lucy decied they’d best go to see Mr. Tumnus, but when they got to his house, everything was turned upside down, and there was a note that said Mr.

Tumnus had been arrested by guards of the Queen. Lucy wanted to go save the Faun, when a small bird got their attention. The bird brought them to a beaver, who could speak. By now, they knew things weren’t like they were in England. The beaver beckons them to follow him, and they did so. He brought them to his home, where it was safe from all of the Witch’s spies.

Inside, Mrs. Beaver was sewing. They spent the day there,.

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