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The belief that education is most valuable when it is used to serve one’s community has been instilled in me, this conviction and a natural aptitude for science and mathematics convinced me that civil engineering was the most fitting career for me. In fact, they continue to be the driving forces in my pursuit of academic excellence as a senior at the Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology. I desire a degree in civil engineering not only because it is the most fulfilling way I can exercise my natural talents as a scholar, but because it also gives me the opportunity to solve challenges directly impacting my community.I have displayed strong academic character from the start, my results always reflected my hard work.

I completed my secondary education from a well known school named, Peshawar Model School and secured A+ grade, higher secondary education from Government College Peshawar and attained A+ in overall grade and bachelors of Civil Engineering from Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology with a GPA of 3.64.I have also topped 8th semester with a consecutive 3+ GPA in every semester.

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 During my under graduation in Civil Engineering at Sarhad University Of Science and Information Technology, I gained my initial formal exposure to all specialties related to civil engineering discipline through courses like “cross section of road and its elements, Intelligent transport system, behavior of pile walls, long term deflection of beams and slabs”, which opened my eyes to the latest construction technology and management methods. These courses in “Civil Engineering” highlighted the importance of effective team coordination for project execution in quality construction practice.After graduation I was a part of construction project for making of additional wards at “Lady Reading Hospital”. Here in this project, I took upon the task of performing a study of testing of materials procured for mix design and design of reinforced concrete structures. Also I had the opportunity to visit and learn about surveying. In addition, I was exposed to the various aspects of Civil Engineering and Management and interacted with the engineers involved with futuristic activities that thoroughly inspired me and reinforced my decision to pursue my graduate study in this field.

At this point of my academic career, I realize that my undergraduate education has provided me with what is only a glimpse of this field and there is so much more waiting to be explored and created in this industry. My choice of specialization is motivated by its multidisciplinary nature, which will broaden my horizons and give me flexibility in professional practice. I haven’t faced problems yet regarding my academic record because throughout my academic career, I can proudly claim, I was flawless.

I was always punctual disciplined and put forward an assiduous character. This Master Programme “Environmental Engineering and Management” at Tallinn University will contribute to the evolution of my career as it suits perfectly to my position and will allow me to develop my skills on environmental Management. Studying the courses included in this Master Programme will let me better understand how to evaluate the viability of environmental Projects.

Since 2015 when I was studying in my 6th semester of engineering I got interested in Estonia because education systems in Estonia have a strong international reputation and are known for its effective structure and innovative policy developments Why I applied Tallinn University of Technology? I consider myself something of an avant-garde student, able to break through conventional methods and notions in order to create new possibilities. However, it is my firm belief that in order to achieve greater things in life, an undergraduate degree is not sufficient; Tallinn University is well known for its research in all the fields of Civil Engineering. Tallinn University encourages its students to participate in and organize extra-curricular activities and provide safe, caring environment for students in which social, economic and physical needs are fulfilled.Studying in Estonia promotes harmonious approach, creativity and independent thinking; Estonia education systems have a strong international reputation and are known for its effective structure and innovative policy developments. Excellence in education, multicultural background of students, and on top of that, governmental and institution support for international students are some aspects that has made Estonia a best place for student from all over the world. It provides a congenial and safe environment with an opportunity to interact and integrate with people of diverse backgrounds; it’s like building a man out of human. It would be a great help in building up myself the way I have dreamed of.If I am given opportunity to study at Tallinn University, I will continue to find ways to achieve practical results for indigenous people that will strengthen the fabric of our diverse society in more improved way.

. I hope to make a positive difference in the environmental industry of Pakistan by giving awareness on safe, efficient and green environment; I believe that it is a platform that will enable me to reach all depths in order to do so. Thank you


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