Essay the white people that he lived with

Essay title: The Life of Albert Simms

The first lasting and long term effect racism towards Richard had on him was that it caused him to think differently of people.

Racism caused Richard to think differently of people because he did not understand how, or why the white people that he lived with hated him, and his race with such a great passion. He never comprehended how people could have so much hatred inside of them to act, and treat another race so poorly. Richard reads in an advertisement from the newspaper he was selling, “The only dream of ais to be President and to sleep with white women…” (Wright 131). This quote is depicting an African-American. The advertisement was degrading to Richard, because this was one of the first times that he realized that people from all over the country hated his race, not just from his small town. He did not know what to do, what to feel, or how to react to such a statement. It was instances like these that caused him to think differently of people.

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After he overcame, and passed instances like these, he began to have a different view on life.The second long term effect that racism towards Richard had on him was that it caused him to have a different view on life. Richard experienced many occasions where racist acts were committed and directed towards him. These acts could have been directed towards him for several reasons, but they all had one major effect on him: it caused him to have a different view on life.

When Richard was looking for a job, he kept on getting rejected, and he could not figure out why. Griggs, an old classmate, had given him some advice. He says to Richard, “‘Then, for God’s sake, learn how to live in the SouthReferring to how to live with white people!’” (183). Richard was boggled by the remark, after he began to mouth off at Griggs. Griggs told him that this is what he meant. He told Richard that he can not mouth of, and be rude in front of white people.

Griggs advised Richard that he should act with manners, and act with a certain sense of courteousness towards white people. Richard stood there for a moment, and thought about what he was just told. This is what changed his view on life. He began to realize that just to survive and live in the South, he had to make himself seem inferior to the white.

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