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The Liberty Bell is an iconic figure that symbolizes the United States’ liberty and independence. The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It helped structure Philly like ending slavery and allowing women to have voting rights. Did you know that the Liberty Bell has an inscription on it? The inscription is, “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Nations Thereof.

” This inscription means to proclaim liberty, it also helped end slavery. The bell got its name from abolitionists fighting to end slavery. Also, the liberty bell traveled across the country in the 1880’s. It was a memorial for recovering nations who fought for Independence in the Civil War. It also traveled throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to encourage support for women’s voting rights in the late 1800s.The Liberty Bell arrived in the early 1700s and was cracked because the metal that it was made of was too brittle.

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Workers fixed the bell on June 11,1753, by widening the crack. It prevented further spread of the crack and also fixed the tone of the bell. It was cracked a second time, most likely because of 90 years of hard use.

Before it was an iconic symbol, it was used to call lawmakers and townspeople to their meetings. It was also used to gather lawmakers to discuss historical and important meetings like the Declaration of Independence Today, the Liberty Bell is all over Philadelphia. The actual Liberty Bell is located on North 6th Sreet ; Market St in Philadelphia. A replica of the Bell is in Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies play, and if they hit a home run the liberty bell lights up and rings.

Also before every Sixers game someone rings a replica of the bell to show respect for it. This year the Sixers made the playoffs and their slogan was “Phila Unite” and their logo was the Liberty Bell, to show how the liberty bell united everyone in Philadelphia and how it symbolizes the United State’s liberty and independence.Overall, the Liberty Bell is a very iconic symbol for everyone, and influenced Philadelphia in many ways. It was important for meetings in Independence Hall. It was also important because it helped to end slavery and to form women’s voting rights. Most importantly it represents the United State’s liberty and independence, as one peaceful country.


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