Essay In October, 1929, in Salt Lake Valley,

Essay title: The Letter by Richard Paul Evan

By Richard Paul Evans The Letter, by Richard Paul Evans, is the love story of David and MaryAnne Parkin.In October, 1929, in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, a mysterious letter was found at the grave of a couple's only child.As they face love's greatest challenge, they find its truest meaning and learn the lessons that are echoed throughout this unforgettable story.

It is about facing real life struggles, difficulties, and letting go of the idea of fairy-tale romances.It is about ourselves and our desire to find and discover who we really are.The characters in this book portray such loyalty and understanding; it is a truly heartwarming story.

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The letter is the last, longest, and best of the Christmas Box trilogy! Twenty years after the death of Andrea, MaryAnne and David’s only child, MaryAnne prepares to leave for England, forever.David has emotionally shut himself away after Andrea's death, and she can no longer stand the wreck of their marriage.While visiting her daughter's grave, MaryAnne discovers a letter that may be from David's mother, who ran away to become an actress when he was only a child.The letter reads, “Dearest Child, That I did not know you, my loss is greatest.

Forgive me for the pain I have brought to those who love you. So gladly would I trade my sad life for your realm. Angel, watch over this little one.” After MaryAnne vanishes, the only people David wants to communicate with is his business partner, Catherine the cook, and his old friend Lawrence, who was injured and blinded by racists.

Soon, David sets out on a soul-searching journey to find his mother.He discovers that she committed suicide years before but he knows that the journey was not a waste.Later, when asked what he learned to make it worth the journey he replied, “I learned to leave the past behind.The answers are not in the past.

Healing comes from purpose and purpose resides in our hope for the future.”David grows and blossoms painfully as he realizes how he has shut everyone out and Lawrence’s despair at his blindness and mortalitybegins to show. Eventually David returns home.One evening a young woman shows up at his steps looking for her father, Lawrence.It was never known by anyone that.

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