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THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL- THE LIVES OF THE RICH EGGS: DIASY BUCHANANThe upper class of East Egg are the people we all want to be, we want to have the money and connections that these East Eggers have, woman who live in this part of town are well kept and civilized and have the world at their feet with endless opportunities. The suburb of East egg is vastly populated with the connected rich of society, although this world is said to be snobbish it is a place were the rich live their lavish lifestyle of polo and parties, the suburb home to Daisy Buchannan. Daisy was not always from East Egg, she moved with her striking husband Tom Buchanan from Chicago to settle in the very exclusive rich society and has made her home in a “cheerful red-and-white Gorgonian Colonial mansion looking over the bay.”She excitedly explains almost “paralyzed with happiness” about her blissful marriage with her husband Tom Buchannan, “who had been one of the most powerful ends that ever played football at New Haven.” Tom is a fantastic catch and she is ever so grateful to have had him bestowed upon her. She does not know when a day goes by without feeling an overwhelming sense of love towards him. Daisy tells us also about her beautiful daughter in witch she has a very close bond with.

Although her daughter is only three years of age, Daisy feels that motherhood is an overwhelmingly joyous aspect of a woman’s life and feels that motherhood has allowed her to be contempt with her lavish lifestyle. Daisy believes that her daughter should grow up to be a “beautiful fool” as she believes that all women should be “beautiful fools” as it allows them to be contempt with their lives.Daisy loves.

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