Essay 4th, it was the birth of

Essay title: The Kick

July 4th, 2006 is a day to celebrate the birth of our wonderful nation. We gather together with our friends and family during the day and have a nice American barbeque.

By night, the sky is lit up with fireworks galore of all different colors, types, and sizes.But on this July 4th, it was the birth of my greatest sports moment ever. I’ve had my share of great sports moments. For example, while playing football I’ve mad a one-handed catch while the ball being behind me, broke a couple of tackles and took it to the house. Another moment I had was when I was playing basketball I scored 10 points in a game up to 11. But none of those single-game performances I’ve had could match up to the one I had just this past Thursday. It was a gorgeous day this July 4th and boy was it hot. I played 1 game of basketball while waiting for all my friends to arrive at the park and after that game, I had cottonmouth.

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I was so dehydrated. I could also tell that I was out of shape. Finally all of my friends arrive and we head out onto the field.

We decided to play American football, but then we never started to play. All the sudden, one of my friends comes up with the idea to play soccer. Before I knew it, we set up the field and our game was underway. The game started and both teams score quickly. Then the defense took over. Both teams attacked and attacked, but both defenses held their ground. The game lagged on and the sun drained all of us.

We all decided that the next goal would end it. That’s when it happened. My greatest sport moment was about to occur. My goalie makes a great save and we’re on the offensive..

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