by Guy De Maupassant is

"The Jewelry" by Guy De Maupassant is about a young, clerk who falls in love with what was thought of as the "ideal" good woman, because of her saintly qualities. Her beauty had charm of angelic shyness; and her smile always seemed a reflection of her heart.

She seemed exactly what any man would want and wanted to spend their life with. Madame Lantin had only two flaws, her love for theater and her passion for false jewelry. As time soon told this love struck gent, these were not her only flaws. This story gives a perfect example that everything is not always what it seems to be. Madame Lantin was beautiful, charming, shy and "saintly" but also unfaithful. Lantin did not see this because she did not portray the image that she could be so deceitful. She took care of things at home, finances, never complained, and remained to be the ideal wife, lover and friend.

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Lantin feel in love with her for her simplicity and that love grew stronger with time. Because Madame Lantin never deviated from her normal behaviors or appearance, her infidelity went along unnoticed. I can understand how he could have been so clueless for so long. There were no clues and everything seemed good and blissful on both parts.

This story also shows how something can be too perfect. There was never a time they argued or a time when something was not good except when dealing with the theater and the jewelry; the very two things that, more then likely, were the key to her infidelity and deceitfulness. I believe that because.

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